Why We Study End Times

February 1, 2020 

This teaching blog is the first of many from our curriculum series titled: Don’t Get This Wrong! I want to begin by answering two very important questions. First, why do we study eschatology or the end times? And second, why do we study the return of the Lord? Well, we study end times because as Christians we are called to be looking for the return of the Lord and the Bible tells us that as far back as the first century the followers of Jesus were looking for His return. So this is something that Christians are called to do and in order to gain a better understanding of end times we must study what the Word of God tells us. However, not only is our generation called to study and learn eschatology, but we are also called to teach it to the next generation so they, like us, will also be looking for the His return.

In his closing letter Peter tells those he raised up in the Lord to always be stirred up in their faith and to remember the Word of God. This is so that when Peter dies they can take over his place and carry on. In 2 Peter 3:1-7 we are warned not to listen to scoffers, do not be persuaded by them and do not buy into what they say. Instead, understand that the same God who spoke of judgment in the days of Noah is the same God who spoke the judgment that is yet to come. It is very clear that Peter is correlating the days of Noah to the return of the Lord. 

Remember this was written in the first century and in 2 Peter 3:11-14 we are told to live as if we are going to meet Christ any minute because one day all of the things around us will be dissolved. This is why we should be looking for, hastening for and yearning for the return of the Lord. So then, how should we live our life? We should live our life like we are going to meet the Lord any day. Let me tell you, when our heart stops beating, that is our day! Amen. 

Be Blessed, 

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