Why The Virgin Birth?

Understanding Jesus – Teaching Blog 03

Before we start today’s teaching I want to explain that it’s my teaching style to seek out the truth and answer the important “Why?” questions. And you will discover the same teaching style in all my Bible studies and curriculums because I want you to know more than just what happened. I want you to know why and how things happened in the Bible. I want you to understand how these events affect your life and what makes you a significant part of God’s plan for humanity. Well, with this in mind, today we are going to study the conception and birth of Jesus Christ because we celebrate His birth at Christmas but the real miracle, the real life changer, was His conception. So let’s ask the question: “Why the virgin birth?” Once you can answer that question then you can understand why Jesus was the only way for us to receive salvation.

You see, the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and Jesus was born outside of Adam’s transgression. This had to happen, otherwise Jesus would be born in sin (as we are) and He would have been unrighteous to God (as we are). The conception of Jesus was not normal, so let’s think about something here – what makes an event a miracle? Well, a miracle is something that is done outside of the natural process of things. Therefore, the conception of Jesus was a miracle because it was done outside the normal process, but what about His birth? The birth of Jesus was normal because Mary was pregnant and brought forth a child like any other woman. She took care of herself and her unborn child by eating well and resting. Again, the real miracle was the conception and the key to this whole process of the virgin birth is that Jesus had to be born outside of Adam’s transgression. He had to born righteous to God which made Him a perfect and holy sacrifice.   

When you step back from this and think about it, Jesus is the only man in history to know His mother and father before He was born and to know how His life was going to be lived. He knew where He would be born and the timing of His birth, but He also knew the way in which He would die. I want you to understand the gravity of knowing all this because Jesus was a man. He was a human being and He experienced normal things. When He was hungry, He ate. When He was tired, He slept. When He was dirty, He washed. You see, Jesus came into the world at our creative level so we must understand that He also felt pain and humiliation on the cross. Jesus had to be a man in order to execute the plan of salvation for mankind. He left His royal position of deity and came down to earth to live among us and be part of us – all so that He could become a holy and righteous sacrifice for us!

Be blessed,