Two Fathers and Two Voices

March 21, 2020

We’re looking at leadership and doctrine in John 8:33-39 when Jesus says you have another father and it’s not God because your father is the devil. Jesus is talking to people who should know better because they have the Word of God and they’re God’s chosen people and indentified as believers. They didn’t recognize Jesus when He came to them yet as believers they had the Word of God. Jesus told them there are two fathers, I have a Father who is in heaven and you have a father who is Satan. Each father has a voice and you’re not listening to the Father’s voice that I listen to because you’re listening to another voice. 

In Verses 39-47 Jesus tells them you cannot hear My Words because My Words have no place in you but He is talking to people who had what would’ve been considered the Bible back then.  Jesus is interacting with Old Testament people and for now we will call them believers; however, they should have known the truth because they celebrated Passover and everything they knew was pointing to the Messiah. Even still, they couldn’t receive the truth because they believed in another voice and we wonder if we could be influenced this way.  

In Matthew 16:13-23 God the Father revealed to Peter who Jesus was then Jesus tells His disciples about God’s gospel plan. Now even though Peter had good intentions he was influenced by two fathers. Peter’s old father before salvation was Satan and his current Father is God. So what do we learn here in Scripture? We learn that we can be influenced just as well. Therefore, we must be able to discern what is of God and what is not of God. 

Let me tell you, Satan’s voice will seem very familiar to us because it will identify with our fleshly urges and it will make common sense to us, but God’s Word and His voice will not make sense to us. But as Christians we live by faith and not by sight! The world lives opposite of us because they live by sight and not by faith. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to walk on water or leave a good job and go into the mission field, right? This is faith and to the world it looks foolish but who is the voice behind our actions? The voice behind our actions is God and so we hear God’s Word and we go with it in faith but the world hears Satan’s voice and they obey him because they are listening to him! Amen. 

Be Blessed, 

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