The Platform is Being Set

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #30

In Revelation 12:13, the dragon who is Satan persecutes the woman which brought forth the man child and who is the woman? Israel is referred to as the woman. And, do you see that there is nourishment in the mountains of Israel? Let’s look at the timeline because this war is yet to come, but for now we are going to look at what happens when this war is over. One section of Scripture says that Magog will be hit as well, so we are going to assume that all of Israel’s enemies on her border and those who are zealous to remove her from the land will also be dealt with. And since this was a world war, once it over we will probably experience financial collapse with commodity prices going through the roof and the world will be in disarray. However, at the end of this war Israel is in a much different position than it was before the war. Israel will be in a very good position after this war while the rest of the world will probably be in financial ruin while they try to rebuild.

This is me now, but I believe this war sets the stage for financial, political, and spiritual Antichrist. Remember what the covenant does and what we learned in Daniel 70 Weeks? We learned that the Antichrist signs a covenant with many that allows Israel to go back to the sacrificial system, but in the middle of this time period Antichrist breaks the covenant. Now, could Israel build a Temple today and go back to the sacrificial system on the site where the Dome of the Rock is currently? Yes, they could but not without starting a third world war, however, after the war in, Ezekiel 38, it will be possible for them to rebuild their Temple.

Once the Ezekiel 38 War takes place Israel will rebuild their Temple and they will go back to the sacrificial system, and it is going to set up what I believe will be a worldwide agreement. This worldwide agreement is going to set the financial structure of the world. Our world economic history shows us that every time we have a collapse or a meltdown after a world war the laws and rules are changed, and then, things get more complicated.

You see, Antichrist is revealed at the three and a half year mark but the structure of the kingdom that he will rule is set up in advance before he gets into place. Antichrist does not automatically show up and then in seven years the structure is built and gone. No. Right now the platform for Antichrist is being set up and I believe that when you study this war in, Ezekiel 38, the entire world will come together. They will start by setting global, worldwide boundaries that will eliminate those that are not tolerant one to another! Amen.

Be blessed,