The Last Trumpet

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #20

There are a lot of working pieces to the puzzle in, Matthew 24:26-31, where Jesus describes His return. He tells us that it will be dark and He will come as lightening from the east to the west. It is very clear that we will see Him in the clouds and it will be a cloud of great glory. There will be angels and a trumpet and a gathering of the Saints and these are all the working pieces. Let me tell you, the rapture is post-tribulation anyway you look at it because these pieces to the puzzle can only be put together one way. Believe me, the rapture is at the end when Jesus comes back, He brings the Saints that are in heaven with Him, and we which are alive and remain are caught up together with Him, and then, we will ever be with the Lord!

We read about the rapture of the Church in, 1 Corinthians 15:50-54, and we see something that is even more interesting because the last trumpet is called out, meaning, there are no more trumpets afterwards. It means exactly what it says because the last trumpet is indeed the last trumpet. This is when the dead will rise and we which are alive and remain are caught up together with them. Do you see how all the puzzle pieces fit together? It is Jesus and His return that correlates exactly with the rapture of the Church and these events are simultaneous.

We also read in, Isaiah 53, that when Jesus comes to the earth for us our sins and our iniquities and our transgressions where all put upon Him, right? The Bible says that God, the Father, will see the travail of His soul which is different than His Spirit and He would be satisfied. You see, Jesus paid for all three parts of humanity that fell – He paid for our body, for our soul and He paid for our spirit. When Jesus died He went into the earth just as anyone who was spiritually dead would have gone. And when He rose again, God gave His Son a new resurrection body, so Jesus paid for us spirit, soul, and body. In other words, Jesus gave us His all.

As Believers, our spirits are changed at the new birth when we receive the newly recreated spirit, but as we go through life we begin to renew our mind and we experience salvation in our soul. And even though one day our body will physically die our spirit and soul goes to heaven. Along with our spirit and soul, our mind, our will, and our intellect, also goes to heaven. What is absent and what still remains of our salvation is our new body which is the final component of salvation. Then, at the resurrection of the dead and the return of Jesus Christ along with the rapture of the Church is when our salvation will be complete. Right now those Saints who have gone before us don’t have a resurrection body because Jesus is the only One with a resurrection body. When He comes back we will receive our resurrection body and we will experience complete salvation.

Be blessed,