The Dream

Spiritual Revelations About the Dream

A highway shall be there, and a road, And it shall be called the
Highway of Holiness. The unclean shall not passover it, But it shall be for others.
Whoever walks the road, although a fool, Shall not go astray” (Isaiah 35:8).

Listed below are the proclamations and insights I have obtained since the COVID-19 outbreak regarding my dream from January 4, 2015. Watch the video below first.

Spiritual Revelations About the Dream

  • The bright being was not Jesus Christ or one of His angels. He was a watcher found in Daniel 4:13 and verse 17. This is the only time we see this person in scripture and the watcher’s mission was to change the course a nation by decree.
  • The crying out to Our Lord played a very significant role in the dream because it was an expression of belief that myself, and the group that was with me, were in agreement with the shaking and we were not offended by it.
  • The timing of the dream was set into motion by the closing of Art Van Furniture Stores announced in The Detroit News on March 5, 2020. This major retail store closing is significant because when I first expressed the dream in words I compared it to an Art Van store that was dormant, dark and looked like a furniture showroom in the dream. Then the spreading of the Coronavirus starting in 2019 but, who would have considered this pandemic and the world’s response to bring about a financial global collapse? Can you imagine a future virus with a much higher mortality rate lasting for a long duration? Also, the closing of Art Van stores could signify the availability of many buildings as well.
  • I want to emphasize the importance of Pebble Beach Golf Course in the dream. This is a legendary golf course in California that is known for its bountiful, coastal landscape. I am familiar with several California towns and tourist attractions; however, the golf industry was the primary source of my family’s financial gains. In my dream, this golf course was dark and empty; it was a wilderness, a desert with parched ground. Meaning that during this shaking we cannot rely on our wealth and financial gains because they will be worthless. What has sustained us in the past, like the golf course, will be barren and empty. Our monetary source of financial security will no longer be there, we must now completely rely on God.
  • To me it is very interesting that the place to teach the Word of God, (the building), is located within the city. During an economic shaking such as this, our natural tendency, before and after the event, is to find a rural area where one would grow their own food, raise animals and provide for their loved ones, but just the opposite takes place in my dream. God wants to move His people into a metropolitan area where they can minister to those who are lost and hurting, so those who have no hope can find comfort. This is the thought process we are taught in God’s Word under normal circumstances.
  • Read Isaiah 35. In the dream of January 2015, we are to go into the city where the lost herd of sheep dwell. Leading into the city are highways and a Highway of Holiness will be made for God’s people. We are to be in the center of the catastrophe in order to calm those who are without hope and bring right thinking for both Christians and the lost. The building will be a place of provision, protection and peace. It will be a place of refuge for those who truly have the right thinking concerning the Word of God. However this morning, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, issued a “stay-at-home” order as COVID-19 cases increase. We are to abide by the rules and regulations of government ordinances to the extent that we are not disobeying the Word of God.
  • When I went outside the building, the people who were walking aimlessly through the streets were recognizably broken in spirit. They were both lost in Christ and lost in the world. It was self-evident that they were without hope.
  • It is a purpose of God to bring this economic shaking to our Nation and the church; however, I don’t believe the fulfillment of my dream is now. I believe this is a prelude to what’s ahead, and at that time, the destruction will bring Global change and the End Time Structure. I do not believe that it is entirely an act of judgment. I believe it is an act of love and correction, to get people to find their way to Jesus and/or return to their faith. I believe it is done in love because with this shacking there will also come an outpouring of the Spirit like we have never seen before. God will bring about a beautiful restoration and movement of the supernatural.
  • I view this as a time when there will be a great apostasy from the church and those who have false expectations and false teachings will be discouraged by what they thought would happen.
  • This event will allow the voices of those who have truth and who have spoken truth to be heard. The voices of those who have not moved to a man-pleasing Gospel but have laid out the truth as it is in the Word of God – their voices will be distinctly and clearly heard.

Let us join together and pray for wisdom, direction and revelation. God has a purpose in sending or allowing the shaking of our nation and the entire world. We need to align our hearts and futures behind Him. I invite everyone to connect and stay in touch with our ministry by partnering with us at where you can obtain free Bible teaching curriculum, weekly video teachings and inspiring blogs. We also encourage you to submit your prayer request and our faithful ministry team will pray for you.

Yours in Christ,

Sebastian Lucido