The Church Fails under Pressure

February 28, 2020

For this teaching I want to spend time in Matthew 24:9-15 where Jesus talks about God’s covenant people who are the believers in the Old and New Testament. Jesus is talking about the Church because He said, “…the love of many would wax cold.” This type of love is agape love. It is an unconditional love associated with the Church. When we read about the love of many waxing cold we often think of it as man-toward-man, but it also refers to the love of many waxing cold in their love toward God. Jesus also warns, “…you will be offended, killed and hated of all nations for My name’s sake.” Again, He is referring to the Church.

We have to ask our self: Why will Christians be hated and persecuted of all nations? It’s because we’re going to become their enemy and they’re going to look at us with disdain and hatred because of the way we live our life. Many will view us as not tolerant, and this is true because we are not tolerant of sin, yet we are lovingly not tolerant. In other words, we do not kill somebody because they don’t think the same as we do. We don’t agree with them but we still walk in love toward them. Even still Jesus walked in love, and the government along with the priesthood, still hated Him.

It’s vital to understand today the things spoken of in Scripture are happening all over the world and they’ll continue to intensify. Then more and more Christians are going to apostate from the Church. Saints, even our view of Israel is going to come into question because we see Israel through a different lens than most of our fellow Americans. In fact, we see Israel differently than most of the Church because a lot of the Church is going to wax cold toward Israel.

These verses in Matthew are very important because what is Jesus really telling us? He is saying that the Church fails under pressure. Christians don’t want to admit this but Jesus tells us that many will be offended and deceived and the love of many will wax cold. Yes, there’s going to be a remnant and there’s going to be a revival, but Jesus is saying at that time people are not going to be able to stand under the scrutiny, the pressure and the trauma it will take for us to say: “I believe in Jesus Christ!” Amen.

Be Blessed,


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