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Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #20

In Matthew 12:40 we read, “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” And, when Jesus was on the cross He said to one of the malefactors that today he would be with Him in paradise. This tells us He went into the earth because He said it. Jesus goes into the earth and He preaches, but He does not preach about salvation, instead He calls out to a specific group of people during the time of Noah. This is when His soul and spirit are separated from His body because when Jesus gave up the ghost He did not cease to exist. No one ever ceases to exist. We die physically and have a funeral on earth and are buried in the ground but we all live eternally. I want you to understand the Spirit and soul of Jesus is now raised up and reunited with His body.

Earlier we learned that the high priest would enter the Holy of Holies and take the blood of an innocent sacrifice into the presence of God on behalf of the people. This was required for temporary atonement of sin, but God is now satisfied with the Holy and blameless sacrifice of Jesus and the temporary atonement for sin is no longer required. Jesus ascended into heaven and presented His blood before God, not for Himself, but for us because we are in covenant relationship with Him. This was the original plan that whoever had faith in Jesus, and what God did through Him, now has the ability to be made righteous before Him.

When Jesus comes back He sends out the twelve in John 20:18-23 but before they left He breathed on them and it was the breath of the new birth. The last time God breathed on someone was Adam and he became a living soul, but when Jesus breathed on the twelve they became a living spirit and are now alive to God. The Spirit of God came into them at this point. In the Old Testament righteousness had to be “accounted” to Abraham and David and when they died they could not go into the presence of God, but in the New Covenant we are made righteous because Jesus accomplished this for us on the cross.

Today, the Holy Spirit guides us in revelation knowledge and through His Word. We place ourselves in position to receive when we go to Church and our pastor speaks words that are inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is then that the Holy Spirit in us and in Him works together with our spirit to give us revelation so we can act in faith and bear fruit in our life. The Holy Spirit guides us in truth and whatever He hears the Father speak; He will speak to us. The predominant ministry of the Holy Spirit is to declare and reveals things of God to us, but we cannot walk in what we don’t know and we can’t live out what we don’t understand. We must the things of God fully in our heart and activate our faith in order to walk in them.

Be Blessed,