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Watchers Of Truth is dedicated to presenting the true, unadorned, unafraid Word of God to as many people as humanly possible – throughout the United States and around the world. We strive to provide the highest quality teachings of God’s pure Word that we possibly can in order to make the Bible’s truths understandable and accessible to all who are in need of His knowledge, blessing, and salvation.

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By donating to Watchers of Truth, you make it possible for us to create and present more high-quality audio, video, and written teaching content, and to place it within reach of the broadest possible audience. This site exists today due to the generosity of sponsors such as yourself, whose gifts of support have provided a foundation for this teaching ministry.

Curriculum Videos

We record high-quality curriculum videos free to our website members.

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We record our weekly teachings and make them available to everyone free online.

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Written curriculum content that is available to our website members.