The ARE YOU SURE? video Bible study curriculum provides thorough insight into what the Bible really has to say about the complex subject of salvation – what it is, how it is gained, how it is lost, and what Christians can do to make sure that they are truly saved.

For those interested in specific aspects of salvation, individual teaching sessions are now available as single downloadable files. Each download contains one complete study session in MP4/MPEG4 video form, as well as the corresponding chapter of the Are You Sure? workbook/curriculum guide. It’s an easy way to gain a focused insight into a unique aspect of salvation, as explained in God’s Holy Word.

To learn more about the individual segments available for download, just click on the session titles below.

Session 1 – Fallen and Broken 

There is a ripple effect that will last throughout eternity to the single most important decision of everyone’s life. That decision is whether or not they will accept and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Today we explored our need for a Savior and the ultimate penalty for sin and God’s plan to save mankind.

Session 2 – God’s Contract to Fix Our Problem 

Perhaps the most essential ingredient in salvation is covenant but what does that word really mean? Is it a contract or an agreement or a wedding band on your finger? Is it an intimate connection or just a casual relationship? Today we discovered what covenant means and how God’s first covenant with man paved the way for our eternal salvation. It is a great promise for us to be in a relationship with Christ and God the Father, forever and ever!

Session 3 – Grace: A Gift From Heaven 

The word grace is everywhere today. There are thousands of books about it. We sing about and we name our children after it. There is even a candle scent named “Grace.” It is in the sermons, slogans, and songs we sing in Church, but do we really understand what grace is? God’s greatest and ultimate gift to us is Jesus and in Jesus we find God’s Grace!

Session 4 – Revelation Knowledge 

The Apostle Peter is quite the complex character in the life of Jesus. One minute he is standing out above the crowd and confessing Jesus is the Messiah, but the very next moment Peter says something foolish and Jesus tells him that he is doing the work of Satan. How can one man swing so far off course, so quickly? Are we like this in our lives? Are there moments when we swing from total belief in Him to complete doubt? I’m sure we would not want to admit it, but if the Apostle Peter can fall into that trap than so can we!

Session 5 – Understanding Faith 

Have you ever thought something was true and then found out it was not? Were you disappointed or upset? Jesus talks about a group like this in the Book of Matthew and it’s actually rather frightening because He talks about how they thought they had a relationship with Him but they did not. The ultimate disappointment is discovering your relationship with Jesus is false. In the video lesson today we learned about assurance and how we can know, that we know, that we are saved. So we are to be inspired because God wants us to be His and His alone. Our assurance comes from an act of faith in Jesus Christ!

Session 6 – Salvation is a Relationship 

There is a great debate that has been happening from the beginning of the Church and the debate has always been: How can we know that we are saved? How can we lose our salvation? What about our children and our loved ones, are they saved? Today there is good news. We can know and have great assurance about being confident that God will keep us and save us so we can spend eternity with Him!

Session 7 – Dealing with the Penalty of Sin 

What does it mean to be a new creation? What actually happens when you are born-again? The Apostle Paul understood this as he went from someone who persecuted the Church to someone who grew the Church. Today we explored the transformation of our spirit and the benefit we have being in-Christ Jesus.

Session 8 – Salvation of the Soul: Power Over Sin 

The life of Judas is something no one wants to follow, but understanding his motives and decisions allows us to know his mistakes and then we learn how to avoid them in our own lives. In today’s session we explored the ultimate aspect of salvation and how we can have power over sin. This will enable us to be transformed to live lives according to the Word of God.

Session 9 – Salvation of the Body: Resurrection 

Today we explored one of the most intimate and misunderstood conversations in the Bible. This is the conversation between Jesus and Peter by the Sea of Galilee when Jesus asked, “Do you love me?” And Peter’s response is much like ours today – of course I love You, Lord! But do we understand what Jesus is really asking Peter? What does the question: Do you love me, really mean? Today, be encouraged because the response to that question means eternal life with Jesus.

Session 10 – The Judgment of the Church 

Jesus called him the greatest man that ever lived and his names was John the Baptist. What can we learn about salvation through the example of John’s life? How will we be judged in comparison? It all comes down to a few key essentials that we, as Christians, must understand and learn about. Be encouraged because you can know the reward that God has in store for you for eternity.