Salvation on God’s Terms

April 4, 2020

I want to begin this teaching blog with Genesis 4:1-7 where we learn that because of Cain’s actions God didn’t respect or accept Cain neither did God accept the offerings that he brought. Now, because of the love movement in the 1960’s and because of what society has recently gone through, we see that even sin is now being labeled as love. People today are saying that if God loves me than I don’t have to change, because if I love somebody they don’t have to change in order to be accepted by me. However, this is not what the Bible says because the Word of God says that we must come to God on His terms.

Listen to me very carefully because I’m not saying that God doesn’t love people. What I am saying is salvation is there for every human being that will make a decision on God’s terms to come into the body of Christ. Salvation is not closed off to anyone no matter how bad their resume is. Understand that somebody like Osama bin Laden who was pure evil can make a true confession and decision from their heart, before their death, to follow Jesus Christ and to give their heart to Him. Then it would not matter what their evil resume consisted of but it has to be done on God’s terms. This is extremely important to understand because our perception of what is right and wrong in the world has to be founded on Scripture. It cannot be something that is just assumed.

I learned about this way back in my first year as a Christian and what it taught me is that God is not going to change for me. And, I have news for you too because God is not going to change for you either! We may want Him to but He is not going to change for us. God is not going to change His Word or cut slack to anyone because He is going to judge based on what His Word says. Therefore, we must know the Word of God and not make assumptions because when we misuse words, such as love or grace, in situations where repentance and change are required, then we need to use severity. And, when we do not use severity then we change things.

When we do not teach the Word of God to others the way it’s written and the way it’s supposed to be understood then those listening will have a false perception of salvation. Our culture has modified the Word of God and who God is, so much, that there is a great deal of false perception about God today. People have become tolerant of things that God hates and things that God disdains. Well like I said, God does not change for man, so we have to find out what His Word says and go with His Word! Amen.

Be blessed,

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