Restore the Earth

February 4, 2020

In the first three verses of Genesis we learn the Spirit of God began to incubate the earth and to warm the planet. I want you to understand that Satan was there in the beginning because earth was his dominion, but after his fall the earth was wrapped in ice and it was without form and void. You see, all life was taken from the earth. Then suddenly, after thousands or millions or perhaps even hundreds of millions of years later, the lights go on and God begins to restore life on earth. In Genesis 2:7 God took the dust of the ground and created a human body and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and Adam became a living soul.

Satan watches as God creates a man who is inferior to himself as far as creation, power and movement. Satan looks on and wonders what’s happening then God gives the created man dominion over the planet. I want you to understand that God created the spirit of Eve at the same time He created Adam because they are created equal and the same. Next, God creates all other living creatures upon the earth and Adam names these creatures. Then God creates Eve and He takes her from Adam making Adam a fraction of who he was and now Eve completes Adam and this is the first marriage. God then gives a commandment to man in Genesis 2:15-17 but He also gave man a penalty that if he eats of the tree he will die. This is literally referring to two different deaths because after Adam ate of the tree he died spiritually and later on he dies physically. Satan watches and sees that man has a commandment from God and now Satan’s agenda is to get man to disobey and sin against God.

Throughout this teaching series I repeat two phrases several times; 1) You shall not surely die and 2) There are no consequences to your actions. This is to emphasize where Satan goes to work in getting man to sin. Satan begins by telling Eve that what God said He would do is not going to happen! This is Satan’s first lie to humanity so underline Genesis 3:4 in your Bible because it is very important. This is where we read about the temptation and the fall of mankind but when Eve partakes of the fruit nothing happened because she did not receive the direct Word from God. It was Adam who received the direct Word. This is why when Adam took the fruit complete chaos filled the garden and immediately their environment changed. Everything in and around them changed and the first thing they experienced was fear because they did not have fear prior to this sin. Then depression came in and along with depression came low self-esteem and all of the other things we struggle with today. They all came about into our world because of this sin! Amen.

Be Blessed,

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