The STUDENT OF THE WORD PARTNERSHIP is Watchers Of Truth’s educational partnership program. Through this program, we can help you enrich your knowledge and deepen your faith by providing personal  Biblical education and insights for daily study at home.

STUDENT OF THE WORD PARTNERS receive three full curriculums per year, including:

  • 10-12 45 minute video study sessions on DVDs
  • 3 comprehensive workbooks (one per curriculum), typically between 100-124 pages in length. Workbooks include fill-in-the-blank questions, keywords, and definitions
  • Workbooks also include 5 daily devotions per session (total of 50-70 daily devotions in each curriculum)
  • Access to Partners-Only site content, including archived videos and audio teachings, as well as a special Partners blog series
  • Special Partners-Only DVD presentations (between 3-6 DVDs per year)
  • Partner support enables us to provide 20% of the materials we produce at no charge to churches, assisted living facilities and other organizations for use by those who otherwise could not afford them. (If you know of such an organization, please contact our ministry using the form on the site's front page).

How it works is simple: Just sign up for our FREE STUDENT OF THE WORD Partner. In return, you'll receive full DVD sets of our Bible study curriculums, including workbooks. 

A Student Of The Word Partnership provides you with everything you need for continual daily Bible study and ongoing learning concerning God's truth and His will for you, your life, and your world. In turn, you’ll be providing us with the support we need in order to produce and provide these materials, and help build God’s Kingdom through charitable activities that provide food, clothing and shelter to those in need.

Donations and memberships support providing materials free of charge in churches and assisted living facilities that cannot afford it, as well as support to local charities that provide food, clothing and shelter to people in need in Southeast Michigan.
If you would like to donate to our ministry, you can click here.

Important Note: Please be sure to fill out your full mailing address in the fields where it is requested so that we can send your Curriculum Materials to you without any delays. Also, please note that once you have filled out the registration form, you will get instant access to the website. You will need to login with the credentials you created by navigating to the top of the screen and choosing "Login".

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