Prepare Yourself and Your Family

February 21, 2020

Once again, let me explain the different points of view on the timing of the rapture. If the rapture occurs at pre-tribulation, before Antichrist is even empowered, you won’t have to go through any of the seven seals or the seven trumpets or the seven vials or experience martyrdom. You won’t endure any of this because you would’ve escaped it all in the pre-tribulation rapture. If the rapture is mid-tribulation then for the most part you will escape things because the first half we live in peace. However, if the rapture is pre-wrath or post-tribulation you’ll go through lots of turmoil in the earth.

As promised, in future teaching blogs I will lay out the Scriptural reasons why I believe the rapture occurs later in tribulation rather than earlier in the events, but for now I want you to understand that the rapture does happen. Even though there are different points of view about the timing it’s very important for us to understand that the rapture will occur. The big question we must ask our self is: What must we do to prepare our self spiritually and how can we prepare our family?

These are very important questions because if we are the generation that is here on earth, and we have to go through great tribulation and we’re not prepared for it, than we will certainly be overtaken by the events. Think of it this way: It’s not easy to prepare for a hurricane in the middle of a hurricane! How can we board up our windows and store fronts in the midst of 150 mph winds? How will we be able to protect our self and our family during the storm if we are not prepared in advance? Listen, we cannot prepare for tribulation in the middle of great tribulation, we must prepare our self before the storm! Amen.

Be Blessed,

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