Our Foundation Is Christ

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog 30

This is the final blog in our series and in closing I want to answer a few questions that you may have and one question is how will Believers be judged? The answer is found in 1 Corinthians 3:12-16 where we are given six elements and they are: gold, silver, precious stone, wood, hay and stubble. In these verses Paul tells us the foundation of our life is our belief in Jesus Christ. We then build our house upon this foundation of belief from wood, hay and stubble, along with gold, silver and precious stones. The Bible tells us that on the day the Lord returns a pile of these elements will be laid before us.

The wood, hay and stubble stands for good deeds we performed but they were done with the wrong heart. This means they were done with the wrong intentions because it was for the admiration of man. The gold, silver and precious stones represent the good deeds we did for the glory of God and not for recognition from man. Fire comes down on our pile and burns the wood, hay and stubble leaving only the gold, silver and precious stone. In other words, the good deeds we did for the recognition of man will be reduced to ashes and all that is left will be the good deeds we performed for the glory of God. I want to make it clear that we are not judged based on our sins, instead, we are judged based on our righteous works and these are the things of value we carry with us into eternity.

Part of growing in the things of God is being charitable, praying and fasting because we are commanded to do these righteous acts, but we can do them with the wrong intentions. This means we sometimes do them to seek the approval of man or to be seen and rewarded by others. These deeds are not done in faith. Only when we do things in secret for the glory of God do we receive His blessings and gain eternal rewards and that’s the status of who we will be forever. I like to put it this way, in heaven there will be cheap seats like bleacher seats and there will be good seats like box office seats and what we do here on earth determines our seating position in heaven. Salvation not only bought us life with God and gave us righteousness with Him it also gave us the ability to obtain a seat in heaven that is closer to God. It is what we do here on earth for His glory that actually gives us a blessing in heaven. Even though we don’t hear or see it on earth our deeds of righteousness are being accounted to us for the day He returns. We can spend our life striving for a good profession but I am telling you from this day forward we have the rest of our lives to build wealth and status in heaven. The Bible tells us to strive for greatness and mastery in our walk with Christ so we must formulate that into our lives here on earth.

My prayer is that you gleaned enough from this teaching to know that salvation is not a single event. It is a lifelong journey that Christians are called to. It is a very sobering thought even though it is a joyous thing because we have been saved from damnation. Our heavenly rewards are given to us because God chose to make a fix for mankind so we can live with Him forever. That is why we have salvation because God loved us and gave His Son for us! Amen.

Be Blessed,