Life to Life

I am pleased to announce the availability of our latest curriculum titled, Life To Life. This four session series is a biblical guide that brings hope, comfort, and understanding to families coping with the loss of a loved one. Through scripture, Life To Life, explains the answers to questions such as; What happens when a Christian dies? What is death like? Will we remember our lives on earth? Will we meet those who died before us? What does our future resurrection have in store for us?

This benevolent series will help those experiencing the loss of a loved one to cope with the emotions associated with the aftermath. We will take a step-by-step journey through the Bible to bring understanding to the great hope that we have in eternal life with Jesus.


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Session 1

Brings an understanding of our creation and why we experience physical death. What happens when our heart stops here and we move to life there? Will we retain our memory and be reunited with our family? What does our future hold for us in heaven? The Bible answers many questions for us on this subject and clearly explains what we can hope for and what we will experience.


Session 2

What gives Christians the right to heaven? What did Jesus accomplish in order to give us eternal life? Does everyone go to heaven? Death is the most important issue in the human experience. This session will help you understand the teachings on death in God’s Word. The Bible brings clarity to a subject we seldom study, yet one day we will all experience.


Session 3

What does our future hold after going to heaven? Will we see our family and friends? Jesus promised to return to earth a second time and bring a new age. Understand the rapture/resurrection and the completion of our salvation. There is a whole new existence with Jesus in eternity for us.


Session 4

The loss of someone we love is very traumatic and brings many emotions. It is difficult and painful to move on and transition to life without someone we love. Some of these emotions are depression, anger, fear, regret, loneliness, denial, and sudden shock. In this session we will learn what the Bible says about dealing with these emotions. And finally, how do we move on from here?

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