Jesus Empowers Us

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #25

In Matthew 25:14-23, Jesus calls His own servants and delivered unto them His goods, meaning, Jesus called them to Him and He gave them the amount that they were able to handle. I want you to know that Jesus was not unrighteous or unfair in the distribution of talents to His servants. Jesus took something that was His and He empowered it into the hands of His servants who had a relationship with Him. Again, there is a relationship between Jesus and the servants and Jesus gave them something that was His. I also want you to understand that the servant in, Verses 20, knew that the Lord had delivered unto him the five talents.

In this particular parable I want you to know that Jesus gave and empowered His servant with something because the servant did not come to Jesus and asked for the five talents, right? Likewise, I want you to picture in your mind that Jesus gave all of us something that we should use to produce something that is even greater than what He gave us. Can you understand this? Because as I was praying about this message, I asked the Lord what did You give me and what do You expect of me in return? Well, let me tell you that He expects us to take our natural abilities which He gave to us, our super-natural abilities that He also gave us, and the resources we have through Him to enhance and grow the Kingdom of God.

Ephesians 4:11-16 speaks about the leadership in the Church and the pulpit gifts but very few in the body of Christ fall into this category. However, their job is to teach, to grow, and to perfect the Saints which is the whole body. The whole body fits together and we are compacted so that every joint supplies something according to the effectual working and measure that we have which is what Jesus gave us in order to supply increase and edification for the body of Christ. When we get up every day there are two commandments that we are told to do. The first is to love the Lord Thy God with all your heart, and with all your soul and mind, and with all your strength and might, and with all your money and time. The second thing we are told to do is to love your neighbor as yourself and on these two commandments we are to hang everything.

So, we are supposed to take our natural ability, our super-natural ability, and our resources that God gave us and use them for the body of Christ because we are not Satan, are we? Do you remember what the five “I Will’s” from Satan are and that he said I do not owe You anything because I am a god? Well, we are not Satan and we know that we owe God the very breath that we take each day and we owe God our very life. So, the talents are things that we are entrusted with while we are here on the earth and we are called to use our talents to increase the lives of others! Amen.

Be blessed,