DON’T GET THIS WRONG! is a comprehensive exploration of one of the Bible’s most significant, often discussed, but least understood topics: The end times. It’s critical that Christians succeed in “cutting through the clutter” of myth, misinformation, and sensationalism that the world often accords to the subject and find out what the Bible really has to say.

For those interested in specific aspects of salvation, single teaching sessions are now available as individual downloadable files. Each download contains one complete study session in MP4/MPEG4 video form, as well as the corresponding chapter of the Don’t Get This Wrong! workbook/curriculum guide.

To learn more about the individual segments available for download, just click on the session titles below.

Session 1 – Why We Study End Times 

Christians were looking for the return of the Lord as far back in history as the First Century, and just as they did, we must also be looking for His return in our lifetime. As Believers, we are called to know and understand the signs of His return and this teaching series is designed to help us to be prepared, alert, and ready for the second coming of Christ. One of the reasons why we study end times or eschatology is so we can teach what we have learned to others. This way we are helping the next generation to prepare for the return of the Lord.

Session 2 – The Big Picture 

When studying the Book of Revelation we must remember that God has had this moment of history in His mind from the beginning of time. God will not be overcome by the future circumstances in tribulation. Our God and Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will be victorious in this battle. We are to be inspired by God’s faithfulness and that He honors His Word which is filled with divine promises for His followers.

Session 3 – Daniel’s 70 Weeks 

It has been said that God works in patterns and when the pattern is right God’s glory will follow and when the pattern is wrong God’s judgment is near. God’s plan is His design or His pattern and the Book of Revelation along with the entire Bible is our guide to His plan.

Session 4 – Matthew 24 

If you could ask Jesus any question what would you ask Him? I’ll bet it was not just one question that came to mind. You probably have several questions. In this session on Matthew 24 we are going to study some of the most important questions the disciples asked Jesus. The questions they asked 2,000 years ago are still very intense and important to Christians today. We will explore the answers Jesus gave to His disciples.

Session 5 – A Church That Looks Like The World – Part One

What are you chasing after in life? Would your checking account register or your Internet search history give others a pretty good idea of what kind of lifestyle you live? Does your check book look different than that of an unbeliever? What about your Internet search history? Could your friends tell the difference? Well, Scripture tells us that in the end the difference between the Church and the World will be very hard to recognize. Remember, being different is good!

Session 6 – A Church That Looks Like The World – Part Two

False doctrine gives us a false perception of God and His truth. False doctrine also gives a false perception of how we are to live our lives and what we are supposed to do as Believers. The way to avoid false doctrine in the Church today is to personally read and know the Word of God. Also, we must be aware of who we place ourselves under as teachers because no one is perfect. It is up to each individual to test what they have been taught in Church or in Bible study against the revelation they receive from the Word of God.

Session 7 – The Great Tribulation 

Great tribulation is a scary thought for many Christians and there is no doubt that during the last three and a half years there are going to be traumatic things that will happen on earth. Once we learn to focus our minds on God’s perspective and the way He sees end time events then we will gain more peace and wisdom concerning great tribulation. Remember, there must be a separation between those who love God and those who do not love Him. As Believers in Jesus Christ, we are to be encouraged because God loves us and He will not forsake us.

Session 8 – Revelation 19: The King’s Return 

The first time Jesus came into the world He was a babe in the manger, but the second time He comes He will be a conquering King riding a great stallion. These two images of our Savior could not be more different in comparison. It is exciting to think that when Jesus comes the second time, He will put an end to evil forever. This session explores Revelation 19: The Return of Our King Lord, Jesus Christ!

Session 9 – The Judgments of God 

Many Christians see God only as a Father or a Savior or a Creator and many miss the fact the He is a Judge. In the Book of Revelation we see God as the Alpha and the Omega, the Conquering King, and the Judge. Today we studied how God judges the nations and His creation. Be encouraged because for those who believe in Christ, His judgment will be eternal life with Him.

Session 10 – The Church, the False Church, and Judgment 

Jesus said, “…wide is the path to destruction and narrow is the path to eternal life.” (Matthew 7: 13-14). Jesus also teaches us that many who call Him Lord will not make it to heaven and that is pretty heavy stuff. Well, on today’s program we looked at the Church, the false Church and the judgment of the saints. Be encouraged and prepare your heart, mind, and spirit with the knowledge that you will be welcomed into the Kingdom of God with the words: “Well done good and faithful servant…” (Matthew 25:23).

Session 11 – The Snare 

Have you ever forgot an ingredient in a recipe or missed an exit on the highway because you were not paying attention? Was your mind focusing on other things? Jesus warns us to stay prepared, alert and ready, while watching and praying for His return. Today we learned about some of the snares the enemy places before Believers during the last days. Be encouraged, because when your hearts are prepared you can avoid these snares.

Session 12 – What’s Next? 

Many have made predictions of when the end times will take place and when the rapture will happen. Some also try to interpret who the Antichrist is and where he will come from. In today’s teaching video we explored some possible timelines and we will try to decipher Ezekiel’s well known prophecy of the greatest war to ever happen on earth. Either way, Sebastian does not claim to have all the answers but maybe together we can discover what the Bible really says about the last days.