Good Fear, Bad Fear, and No Fear

The Bible uses the word fear numerous times in reference to God, yet, when we think of fear what normally comes to mind is the idea of being afraid. Today, I want to explain three human tendencies associated with fear toward God and they are; 1) A fearful reverence and respect for God; 2) A frightened or scared fear of God; and 3) The complete lack of fear toward God.

Let us begin with a scene of Biblical proportion in, Exodus 20:18-22, which describes the visual manifestation of the Lord accompanied by two fearful but different reactions from the Israelites. Here in Scripture, God comes down in a cloud with a roar of thunder and flashes of lightning all of which make His glory evident. Now, witnessing this representation are Covenant people who believe in the existence of God; however, we soon learn that Moses possessed a unique fear of God that the others did not have. Moses feared God in a different way; it was reverence and respect that moved Moses to draw closer to God in an effort to know Him. His fear of God caused him to want more and to be active in their relationship. While the others drew away from God, and because of their lack of understanding, they stood still and were inactive in their relationship with Him. They misunderstood God and were frightened, scared, and lost. Do you see the difference in these two types of fear toward God?

Now in, Matthew 25, Jesus reveals that all His servants are gifted with certain talents and we are to use them for His glory before He returns. God requires us not to be fearful or inactive but to do something with the gifts He has freely given to us. Know that when Jesus comes back to reconcile the books, we are going to be asked, “What did you do with what I gave you?” Our desire should be to use the gifts God gave us for His glory, and this requires action on our part to draw nearer to Him. Then, at the same time, the discovery of our talents will be revealed to us through His Spirit.

Lastly, no fear belongs to those who believe in God, yet, they choose to disregard Him, resulting in a lack of fear toward God. This conduct can only be thought of as, ignorance or arrogance, neither will hold up in the courts of heaven. In, Romans 1:15-22, we are told there is no excuse for ignorance because all of Creation reveals the glory of God. The stars, the moon and the sun, all of the Universe have been set in place by the hands of God. Therefore, those who try to claim ignorance have no excuse and will be found guilty. Also, those who are arrogant and fail to make an attempt to discover God, without a doubt, the time will come when they will fully understand the fear of God on judgment day. Amen.

Be blessed and continue to be a blessing!!