Going Through the Motions of Christianity

March 28, 2020

Do you know of anyone who has a son named Judas? You probably don’t because we associate the name of Judas with evil. Even still Judas healed the sick and he went to Church every day. He was even a leader in the ministry of Jesus. I want you to picture this in your mind because if today were the time of Jesus and you walked into His ministry you would see Judas as one of the Church leaders. However, the Bible said of him that it would be better for him had he never been born. (Matthew 26:24). Now, you have to ask yourself what was defective in the man because he looked like a believer. Yet what did Jesus say at the last supper? Jesus said in, Matthew 26:21, “…one of you is going to betray me,” but nobody pointed and said it’s Judas! This is because Judas looked like and blended in with the other followers of Christ.

You see, Judas never elevated Jesus to be his Lord and Savior because Judas was only going through the motions and these people in the Old Testament were only going through the motions also. They never made the migration to believing in God to the extent that His Word would change their lives and this is the same thing with Judas. He did not betray Jesus to have Him killed because in Mark 14:44 we read that Judas told them, “…seize Him and lead Him away safely.” It would have been better if Judas had wanted Jesus dead to execute Him on the mountain where He was praying but Judas told them to lead Him away safely.

Judas always thought he had a better idea about running the ministry and a better idea about what to do with the money. And when Mary of Bethany used the spice and oil for His burial it was Judas who said why wasn’t this sold and the money given to the poor? Judas always thought he was brighter than Christ because Jesus had to say, quiet now, you will always have the poor with you but Me you will not always have with you. In other words, it’s about Me, Judas! Mary saved this for My burial and this will not be taken away from her and even in the year 2021 you will still honor her because of what she did. (John 12:5-7).

I want you to understand that we can go through the motions and label our self a Christian throughout our entire life and absolutely have no salvation in us at all! This is a very scary thought isn’t it? But it’s not scary if we read the Word and understand that we have an obligation to know the Word of God and we must have a relationship with the Lord. Our relationship with God is like a marriage. It’s not like joining a club or some group that we only visit once a week for socializing. Our relationship with the Lord is making a total commitment to Him. It’s being all-in and giving to Him our life because we believe that He is our Lord and Savior. This means we will follow His purpose and plans – not our own! Amen.

Be Blessed,

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