God’s Covenant with Abraham

February 5, 2020

In Genesis 17:1-8 God takes this man Abraham and He does something that is very important because God makes a covenant where He binds Himself to Abraham and his offspring. Satan sees the covenant God makes with Abraham and this changes his agenda because now Satan must destroy Abraham and his seed. Satan is intelligent and he knows the seed that will crush his son’s head comes from Abraham and not from humanity in general. This means the seed is going to be a Jew which narrows his focus and now his agenda is to eradicate the Jews from the earth.

This is why in every major kingdom such as; the Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Medo-Persians, Greeks, and Romans, as well as the Russians and the Germans in modern time, have all tried to eradicate the Jews. Think about Hitler in our own generation and how he tried to eradicate a people who didn’t even have a nation. This demonized leader was driven by Satan to destroy the seed. Why? Because the Jews are God’s chosen people. Satan is still trying to eradicate Abraham’s seed but now the physical seed is the Church. Why? Because the Church is born of Abraham. Remember, the physical seed went from Abraham to Jesus being born of the seed of Abraham and Mary who was also from the seed of Abraham. This all means the new destruction from Satan is aimed at the Church which is the Body of Christ.

The whole intention of the Church is to reveal to mankind along with the elect and the fallen angels the manifold wisdom of God. What is the manifold wisdom of God? It’s through humanity who is reduced to flesh as physical beings would believe in an unseen God to motivate and move their lives by faith. That men and women would live their whole life according to God’s Word even though He is a God they’ve never seen. They would suffer for a God they’ve never physically touched. They would give glory to a God they’ve never interacted with physically. And that by faith, they would even die and give up their life for a God they have never met physically! Saints, can you see and understand that we have a great responsibility upon us to glorify God? Amen.

Be Blessed,

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