God’s Covenant Promises

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #5

God promised and vowed to Jesus all of the things that we see in the redemption Gospel plan. The same day, Jesus Jehovah, made a covenant with Abram and this is called “The Hypostatic Union” where God bound Himself to man. As we go through the Bible we begin to see God operating and functioning in covenant toward man in the Old and New Testament; in the old as the physical seed and in the new as the spiritual seed. We can count on God to remain loyal to all His promises in Scripture because He is faithful. The things He promises in His Word, God vowed them to Jesus, than Jesus vowed them to us. God did not vow them to us directly because they were all given to Jesus and Jesus represented them back to the Father.

We have this promise from God and we really have to understand that God cannot lie. When we shake hands with someone, sometimes it is a coin toss as to whether or not they will stand by their word and keep their agreement. Other times, we can depend on the person and know that they are going to do what they say they will do. Well, God is going to do what God says He will do. God promised to Abraham a seed that would bless all the nations of the earth and that seed is Jesus Christ. God promised him through his lineage would come the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and we read about this in Galatians 3:16. When we look in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke we see the genealogy, one goes all the way back from Adam to Mary and Joseph, while the other one comes through Abraham. This whole genealogy of Jesus Christ is laid out so that He would come from the seed of Abraham or from the Jews.

When reading the New Testament, anytime we see the words, “in Him, in Jesus, with Jesus, through Jesus or with Him,” it represents covenant, meaning, we are connected with Christ. We quickly read over these terms but they mean everything! We are complete in Him because on our own we are not complete, but in Him we are complete. What this says is that when we first come into Christianity we are like a baby complete with all the parts needed in order to grow into an adult. So when we come into relationship with Jesus we are made complete in Him. There is nothing lacking in us but knowing who we are and growing into who we are supposed to be. We are complete in Him because of the covenant that God made between Him and Jesus then Jesus made the covenant between Him and us. Amen.

Be Blessed,