God Is Our Father

Understanding Jesus – Teaching Blog 06

It would be impossible for me to teach you everything Jesus taught during His ministry. The Bible tells us in John 21:25 there were so many teachings the world could not hold the volume of books needed to write them in. So I can only teach from what we do know about Jesus in the Bible. And, today we will study an area of His ministry I believe is very pertinent and that is the revelation of God as a Father. This was revealed to us in the New Testament because God was not a Father in the Old Testament. In other words, when the disciples heard Jesus praying in Matthew 6:9-13, “Our Father who art in heaven…” they wondered who He was praying to.

You must remember that in the Old Testament there was no way to change a human heart, God had to bring pressure or trouble into their lives to turn them back to Him. A quick look at the Book of Judges tells us there were forty years of good things, then forty years of living independently from God, and then God would rise up another judge in the land. This way of living for the Jews went back and forth for several years. So the disciples had the mindset of the Old Testament which may not have been of a tender loving God because God was not completely exposed to them. But in the New Testament Jesus told them He was the only way to the Father. Philip asked Jesus in John 14:8-10 who the Father is and Jesus told him that you know Me so you also know the Father. You see, revealing God to us as a loving Father was a key issue in the ministry of Jesus.

The disciples didn’t understand this because they could not go to the Father, there was no access to Him because only the High Priest could operate in that function on behalf of the people. The Bible tells us the presence of God was behind a twenty-five foot curtain in the Holy of Holies and man never interacted with God, let alone thought of Him as a Father. Nevertheless, Jesus tells us in the New Testament that God is a compassionate and loving Father. Then Jesus tells us that after His resurrection we will go to the Father and ask the Father for things in His name. The disciples wondered how could this possibly happen. But Jesus tells them in John 16:27, “…for the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I came for from God.”

Therefore, today we have complete access to God the Father and we go directly to Him in Jesus’ name with our prayers. This means we do not pray to any deceased saints for answers to our prayers because this is wrong. We do not go to anyone for answer to our prayers other than God Himself. As Christians we are to feel confident to go into the presence of the Father Himself. It is God alone who hears and answers our prayers in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Be blessed,