Doctrine – Right Versus Wrong

There is a great movement in the Church today known as: super abundant grace, where some believe they cannot lose their salvation. This teaching leads people to believe they can live their life any way they choose, good or bad, because they believe their salvation hinges upon God’s love and there are no consequences for their sin. But, we learn in, Genesis 1:4, that immediately following the fall of mankind there were consequences for sin. I will use myself as an example here, and despite my evil resume of a chief sinner, God began to work on my heart and I ran from the desires of this world and turned to God. However, I do not believe that myself, or anyone else, can live the way we want and never experience the judgment of God. Yes, we have the gift of salvation and our sins are forgiven, but we cannot continue to sin and go through life believing we have an irrevocable membership card into heaven.

Since 1969, we have packaged the love of God in such a way that we are blinded from the truth and even though the Epistles speak of God’s love, these letters have absolutely nothing to do with anyone who does not believe in Jesus Christ. For instance, if I wrote a letter to Rosa, could someone other than Rosa read it and make it part of their life? Of course not, because they are not Rosa and the same is true with the Epistles. These letters were written to Believers and a non-believer cannot expect to own them because they are outside the Covenant. The only way to claim the Epistles is to surrender your life to Christ and follow the commandments of God.

The Epistles are salvation messages of repentance and the belief that God loves humanity but we are told in, John 3:16-18, that redemption is for whomsoever, meaning an individual. Repentance is an essential key to salvation and the Church is not teaching this anymore because of the spirit of Antichrist. Yes, we are to show the love of Christ to everyone so they can be led to the doorstep of salvation, but if they stand there motionless then the love of God will not be extended to them on judgment day. Just because a message of truth may not sit well with the congregation does not mean it should be withheld from the pulpit. Know the Word of God and study the messages you listen to, and then, based on knowledge determine if the doctrine is right or wrong.

Be blessed and continue to be a blessing!!