Divorce Unvarnished

Podcast: 060915

Given By: Sebastian Lucido

The Word of God must be taught correctly and there are times when we come upon topics that are emotional but we cannot ignore or soften any teaching from the Bible. So, this message is unvarnished and the topic is divorce. To begin with there are a few exceptions for divorce, such as; adultery or fornication; unevenly yoked in faith; and physical or mental abuse.

Our message starts in, Luke 16:14-18, where we see Jesus challenging the Pharisees about the changes they made to the Law regarding divorce. Their reasoning was based on what Moses allowed in, Deuteronomy 24, which describes a bill of divorcement. However, this decree of Moses was done because of inconsistencies or fornication that took place before the marriage and it was only discovered afterwards. Also, because of the hardening of their hearts and the inability to work things out made it impossible for some to stay married.

Matthew 19:8-9 and Romans 7:1-3, speaks to us about infidelity and we learn that adultery takes place when a married person engages in sexual conduct outside the marriage and this was grounds for divorce in the eyes of God. In, Matthew 5:27-28, Jesus raised the standards higher for Believers and Scripture tells us that sin is now defined as being internal. Therefore, I believe that habitual pornography is also grounds for divorce because sexual contemplation or internal thoughts about another person is fornication. We cannot role-play any carnal thoughts, because they are grounds for adultery in our hearts, and God knows our hearts.

1 Corinthians 7:10-15, explains that if the couple is unevenly yoked in their faith and the unbelieving spouse files for divorce, yet, the Believer has done everything possible to maintain the marriage, then the Believer can no longer be held in bondage. Also, grounds can be supported if the Believing spouse is held back from serving the Lord while married to an unbeliever, but this cannot be used as an excuse to be set free. Amen.

There is no excuse for ungodly behavior and if you are trapped in a physically abusive lifestyle then I believe it is God’s desire in, Malachi 2, for you to be delivered from your situation. Also, mental abuse can go undetected in a marriage because it cannot be seen. It is speaking out against one another and this repeated chastisement leads to building a wall, one brick at a time; until the wall is so high that we can longer see our spouse.

Finally, to guard and preserve our marriages we need to pray about the use of social media that allows us to contact others from past relationships because Satan is looking for ways to invade the marriage. We become vulnerable when things get dry in married life and we cannot give-in to temptation by interacting with someone we gave our heart to in the past. Amen.

Be blessed and continue to be a blessing!!