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Our curriculums are a series of modules, usually 3 to 12 that includes a teaching video with film clips and other content to bring the subject to life, as well as, an accompanying workbook with daily devotionals. They are perfect for individuals, families, small groups, churches and homeschools. Best of all, our curriculums are free of charge because our ministry’s goal is to join you on your journey to know God and His Word.





Small Groups

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Are You Sure?

10 week course

Salvation is the most fundamental element of the Christian Faith – and one of the least understood. This ten-session video teaching curriculum helps you to decipher the mystery – and prepare for where you want to spend eternity.

Don't Get This Wrong!

12 week course

The end times is one of the most contentious, most important, and least understood subjects in the Bible – but it’s critical that committed Christians understand what God really has to say. This 12-session video course explores the Bible’s teachings in detail, helping believers gain a solid understanding of what God has in store for the world.

Understanding Jesus

12 Week Course

Even though Jesus lived nearly 2,000 years ago, it is without question He is the most influential person in history. Love Him or hate Him, His death divided time in two. He’s been celebrated, despised, worshipped and vilified. All because of one little issue—He claimed to be God.

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Free for Members

Physical Death

All of us deal with the physical death of family, friends, acquaintances and even our own going home. This study will bring to light what occurs after death and is meant to bring hope and peace. We hope this will be a curriculum that can be sent to help them dealing with this human truth.

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Our curriculums are available in digital format which can be streamed or downloaded or if you prefer you can request a physical copy that includes the DVD set and workbook. Becoming a member costs you nothing yet it gives you the ability to receive all our curriculums free of charge.

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