The First Domino Falls in Our Lifetime

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #31

When you look at the Muslims you are looking at a religion where almost everyone within their religion would vote against their extremes. Christians are going to be tossed into the category of extremes and I believe that human secularism will take over and society will get rid of the extremes. I believe this way of thinking will intensify after this war because the world is going to come together and they are going to put a global contract in place that will set the stage for Antichrist. Again, this is what I believe, that this war happens first and once it does happen we will see things start to escalate very quickly. When will this war happen? It will be soon. I believe it will certainly happen in my lifetime because it is already taking shape, but it could take years before the war begins or it could take as little as two years. Also, I do not believe there is a long dispensation of time between the end of this war and before we go into the tribulation period because the stage will be set worldwide and Israel can go back to the sacrificial system.

This war is going to be the next major prophetic happening in the earth. Now, others believe differently, they feel this war happens during tribulation but remember that the first three and a half years of the tribulation are peaceful. But how will the seven years of spoil fit into seven years of tribulation because who will need to spoil once Jesus comes back? It simply doesn’t add up. I think it will take place a handful of years before we see Antichrist come onto the scene. In fact, he will probably be the one who actually brings world peace and the contract together.

We know that Antichrist will be one who signs the contract because he will be in leadership. In fact, Antichrist could be in office for ten years before things begin and we may even see him on the news but not know who he is, however, when we get to the seven years he will be there to sign the contract. This means he will already be in place because only leaders will sign this contract. I firmly believe that this is going to happen in our lifetime. I do believe this war is the first domino that falls and it brings about the seven year events.

Think about the excitement! Yes, it is a war but think about this day whether it is a year or ten years from now, you will remember back when you heard and studied this teaching because the Word of God tells us that others will see that this was taught before. With all that being said, I want you to stay encouraged because this is not a time to fear. Think of the excitement that comes from the fact that our God chose to tell us about this war and that we are going to be fighting with Israel! So be encouraged, be watchful, be alert, be prepared, and be ready, instead of being fearful in this time period because I want us to be able to work with God by faith. This means that we need to align our hearts with Him in order to work with Him and we are not to be overtaken by what is going on and the circumstances that are surrounding us! Amen.

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The Platform is Being Set

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #30

In Revelation 12:13, the dragon who is Satan persecutes the woman which brought forth the man child and who is the woman? Israel is referred to as the woman. And, do you see that there is nourishment in the mountains of Israel? Let’s look at the timeline because this war is yet to come, but for now we are going to look at what happens when this war is over. One section of Scripture says that Magog will be hit as well, so we are going to assume that all of Israel’s enemies on her border and those who are zealous to remove her from the land will also be dealt with. And since this was a world war, once it over we will probably experience financial collapse with commodity prices going through the roof and the world will be in disarray. However, at the end of this war Israel is in a much different position than it was before the war. Israel will be in a very good position after this war while the rest of the world will probably be in financial ruin while they try to rebuild.

This is me now, but I believe this war sets the stage for financial, political, and spiritual Antichrist. Remember what the covenant does and what we learned in Daniel 70 Weeks? We learned that the Antichrist signs a covenant with many that allows Israel to go back to the sacrificial system, but in the middle of this time period Antichrist breaks the covenant. Now, could Israel build a Temple today and go back to the sacrificial system on the site where the Dome of the Rock is currently? Yes, they could but not without starting a third world war, however, after the war in, Ezekiel 38, it will be possible for them to rebuild their Temple.

Once the Ezekiel 38 War takes place Israel will rebuild their Temple and they will go back to the sacrificial system, and it is going to set up what I believe will be a worldwide agreement. This worldwide agreement is going to set the financial structure of the world. Our world economic history shows us that every time we have a collapse or a meltdown after a world war the laws and rules are changed, and then, things get more complicated.

You see, Antichrist is revealed at the three and a half year mark but the structure of the kingdom that he will rule is set up in advance before he gets into place. Antichrist does not automatically show up and then in seven years the structure is built and gone. No. Right now the platform for Antichrist is being set up and I believe that when you study this war in, Ezekiel 38, the entire world will come together. They will start by setting global, worldwide boundaries that will eliminate those that are not tolerant one to another! Amen.

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The Motivation Is Wealth

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #29

We read in, Ezekiel 38:7-17, about Israel becoming a nation and we see a hoard of people coming into Israel. The hoard is this coalition that is moving toward the land of Israel and its leader is Gog and Magog, which is the nation of Russia. Of course, current events today show us that Russia has now moved into the borders and we see this coalition already being put together. The motivation behind it is wealth and the Bible says that an evil thing has come into their mind where they said, let’s go after Israel because look at the wealth they have. Let me point out that one of the largest natural gas finds in the history of mankind was just recently discovered in Israel and this has only happened in the last few years. And, Israel is geographically located in a very strategic point because when you look at all of the nations in the Mediterranean plus Northern Africa, Asia, and India, you understand that Israel is the focal point of those worlds coming together.

In Verses 15 and 16, we learn that it is almost like diplomacy because they are asking this group what are they doing, are you coming to take a spoil? Sheba and Dedan is the Saudi Peninsula and Tarshish is a port in Spain that was used almost exclusively in the ancient world by England. This is how England would gain access to the European Continent through Spain and the young lions are Tarshish, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America. Again, Sheba and Dedan are the Saudi Peninsula and the merchants of Tarshish are the other countries, when you look at it you could called these other countries the Anglo Nations. Tarshish and the Anglo Nations get together and they say to this coalition of nations, Russia, Iran, Saudi, Northern Africa, Turkey, the old Soviet States, they ask what have you done? It is almost like the first wave is one of diplomacy and then it mounts. This is God saying that He is bringing the coalition forth and pulling them down and I am making it so that the coalition cannot do it any other way. I am bringing them against My land and in the latter days everyone will know and see what I am doing.

Lastly we read in, Verse 17, that we are going to be preaching this message like we are today. You can get a recording of my taped message from twenty years ago and you will find that this exact message was given at that time. However, today Russia moved into Syria! This is what God is saying here and we will be able to tell others that the Prophet said this was going to happen and we will be able to use these chapters in Ezekiel as a prophetic event. This is how important it is for us to know the Word of God! Amen.

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Moving In The Wrong Direction

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog#28

In Matthew 24:9-10, we see they are reacting to the pressure and as a result many are turning away from their faith and they begin to hate and betray one another. The snare is us thinking about ourselves and self preservation, meaning, the sense of duty to one another which was prevalent in our Nation prior to World War II is gone today. It is gone because everyone is only thinking about themselves and this is even in the Church. Now, when you have a Church that is apostate or is moving in that direction, then we are in the last days as Paul said and perilous times will come.

The Holy Spirit is telling us that the Church is diminishing and melting away because it is losing the focus of loving your neighbor as yourself and loving God with all of your heart and mind and soul. That trap, set by Satan, puts us in a place where we cannot absorb what is done to us and we react, therefore, we do exactly what Jesus said and we backslide. The Church is not enduring sound doctrine and they are turning their ears away from the truth and they are satisfying an itch with a gospel that will make them feel comfortable in their current lifestyle.

We are not bringing a hard Word that would cause us to change our behavior because if we do, then people won’t come to Church. But, it’s not about the numbers because you can have a Church of fifteen thousand people and have no rewards. Or, you can have a Church of one hundred and change their hearts for the Lord so they can go out and change the hearts of others. A bigger Church with a bigger building doesn’t mean success in God’s eyes because God doesn’t gauge success in Christianity based on numbers. God gauges Christianity based on love and hearts that have been changed! Amen.

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The Snare And The Trap

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #27

Jesus tells us in, Luke 8:10-15, that the Word of God was planted in their heart but the Devil comes to take the Word. However, they could have believed and had been saved but he took the Word from them. We learn here that the Word of God comes into a heart yet it brings no fruit to perfection. What is Jesus really talking about in these verses? Jesus is talking about salvation. He is saying that the Word comes to some but it is taken by Satan, and then, they cannot grow and be fruitful, therefore, they cannot be saved. This is the snare and the trap is that Satan will keep us busy through social needs and social energies. Then, as we try to participate and immerge with the world and try to keep up with everyone, we soon lose focus and become spiritually dull, and then, we are going to fall away ever so slightly.

For instance, when a crop grows and it is chocked by weeds this process does not happen overnight it happens gradually. So, Jesus is telling us to take heed so that the day doesn’t come upon you unaware. You can be so spiritually dull that you are trapped in the snare and it’s too late. You are busy with running around in circles trying to keep up with everyone else, and then, as a result of all this you become trapped. And, when you are caught in his trap – he owns you.

Think about the younger generation and all the texting, good or bad, that is being done today and how they handle disagreements through technology. It used to be when you got into a fight on the playground everyone had to make amends by the next morning. Otherwise, you couldn’t put a team together to play ball if there were still hard feelings in the air. Not today though, we can say whatever we want and do whatever we want because technology has changed our behavior and it causes us to think differently. This is what we do today and we are looking at our phones and engaged in technology so much that it is taking us away from the things of God.

Look at how dramatically Church attendance has changed because we used to go on Sunday morning and Sunday night plus Wednesday evenings and there used to be a crowd in attendance. Sadly, most Churches today have already done away with the Sunday night service and many are closing their doors for the mid-week service because people are not attending. There are other activities and they are too busy to come to Church. The warning from Jesus is that if you get caught up in this snare and trap then you are going to miss opportunities. The Bible tells us to forsake not the assembling of yourself together because there is an anointing, a very special anointing, when the Church comes together as a family! Amen.

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Behold the Fig Tree

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #26

We will begin our lesson today in, Matthew 24:32:35, where Jesus tells us in this parable to behold the fig tree. And, if you go back to the Book of Joel or Jeremiah along with several other places in Scripture, you learn that the fig tree is representative of Israel and at one time Jesus cursed the fig tree. Now, when Jesus says behold the fig tree, we can read it to mean: behold the nation of Israel or behold Jerusalem. I will paraphrase this by saying, when Jerusalem is tender and young know that summer is nigh. This is when Jerusalem is beginning to bud or beginning to be fruitful, do you follow me?

Let’s back up to the last few verses in, Matthew 23, where Jesus said that Jerusalem would be desolate and lay waste for a period of time and this happened in 70 A.D. and we will read about that in a moment. For now, I want you to focus on the time period from 70 A.D. until May 14, 1948, because it was during this time that Israel was not a nation and it is a miracle in itself that the Jews stayed together as a people without a nation.

Think of it this way, if you dispersed all the Italians throughout the earth two thousand years ago, do you think there would still be a group that could come together today? No, I don’t think any group could come together after that duration of time unless it was tied together spiritually such as the Jews. Remember, Jesus said when you see the fig tree yet tender, and this was in 1948 when Israel was budding and became a nation; however, its borders were not complete until the six day war in 1967 when Israel took back the West Bank and Jerusalem.

So, the generation that saw Israel come back together in 1967, along with all the other signs that Jesus explained to us about knowing the season we are in, when we put that all together we know that we are in that season today. How do we know this? We know this because Jesus could not have come back prior to 1967 because there was no Jerusalem and there is no Temple in Jerusalem either. This means there was no place that the Book of Revelation or great tribulation or Daniel or anything else could have occurred, because the Temple was not there and Jerusalem was not there. However, things changed in 1967 which happened in most of our lifetimes, right? Jesus can now return because Jerusalem is now back in the custody of Israel and Israel is a nation. So, for almost the whole entire Church-age or at least the majority of it Jesus could not return, but now He can return because the stage has been set for Him! Amen.

Be blessed,


Jesus Empowers Us

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #25

In Matthew 25:14-23, Jesus calls His own servants and delivered unto them His goods, meaning, Jesus called them to Him and He gave them the amount that they were able to handle. I want you to know that Jesus was not unrighteous or unfair in the distribution of talents to His servants. Jesus took something that was His and He empowered it into the hands of His servants who had a relationship with Him. Again, there is a relationship between Jesus and the servants and Jesus gave them something that was His. I also want you to understand that the servant in, Verses 20, knew that the Lord had delivered unto him the five talents.

In this particular parable I want you to know that Jesus gave and empowered His servant with something because the servant did not come to Jesus and asked for the five talents, right? Likewise, I want you to picture in your mind that Jesus gave all of us something that we should use to produce something that is even greater than what He gave us. Can you understand this? Because as I was praying about this message, I asked the Lord what did You give me and what do You expect of me in return? Well, let me tell you that He expects us to take our natural abilities which He gave to us, our super-natural abilities that He also gave us, and the resources we have through Him to enhance and grow the Kingdom of God.

Ephesians 4:11-16 speaks about the leadership in the Church and the pulpit gifts but very few in the body of Christ fall into this category. However, their job is to teach, to grow, and to perfect the Saints which is the whole body. The whole body fits together and we are compacted so that every joint supplies something according to the effectual working and measure that we have which is what Jesus gave us in order to supply increase and edification for the body of Christ. When we get up every day there are two commandments that we are told to do. The first is to love the Lord Thy God with all your heart, and with all your soul and mind, and with all your strength and might, and with all your money and time. The second thing we are told to do is to love your neighbor as yourself and on these two commandments we are to hang everything.

So, we are supposed to take our natural ability, our super-natural ability, and our resources that God gave us and use them for the body of Christ because we are not Satan, are we? Do you remember what the five “I Will’s” from Satan are and that he said I do not owe You anything because I am a god? Well, we are not Satan and we know that we owe God the very breath that we take each day and we owe God our very life. So, the talents are things that we are entrusted with while we are here on the earth and we are called to use our talents to increase the lives of others! Amen.

Be blessed,


The Capacity to Know God

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #24

Several times in Scripture the return of the Lord is referred to as a thief coming in the night and here in, Matthew 24:42-47, I want you to focus on the image of your neighborhood being robbed. So let’s say it was Bill’s house that was broken into first, then it was Don’s house and next it was Betty’s house. In all cases, someone broke into the garage and then got into their house when they were not home. Well, with this information you would know that there is a thief in the neighborhood, right? Suddenly, you would be very sensitive to what is going on and you would be alert to strangers. And, before going to bed you would take every precaution to make sure your dwelling was secure against the thief and avoid being robbed.

Well, this is what the Holy Spirit is trying to convey to us. We need to be very sensitive, very alert, very prepared, and very ready all the time because His return can happen at any time. Jesus said that if we knew the hour then we would be ready, but He said that this servant was ready and watching. In Verse 44, the Bible tells us that therefore you also must be ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man cometh. Now, one of the things He is telling us to do is to be ready and He told us to watch in Verse 43, and then, we are told to be ready in the next verse because we do not know the hour. The actions words in these verses are: watch, be ready, be faithful, be wise, and be doing! I want you to sense the feeling of always being active and ready. Then in the next few verses, I want you to realize that Jesus is not speaking about an unbeliever because this is somebody that knows Him as Lord. Jesus is not talking about somebody that does not have the capacity to know and understand what is expected of them because in, Verse 48, the evil servant calls Jesus, “my Lord.”

The word I want you to learn in today’s teaching is conditional because in these parables I want you to see who is doing the Word of God, and who is obeying the Word of God, and who is living the Word of God. We read in, Verse 48, this servant said, “my Lord, is not here,” so he felt he could live the way he wanted to live and not obey the Word of God. Listen to the response from Jesus, you were caught unaware and you were not doing what I told you to do, but you had the capacity to know and you should have known. Even still, you made the decision not to follow my Word which means that if you love Me, what would you do? You would obey Me.

What I want you to learn today can be melted down easily because essentially Jesus wants us all-in. He does not want half or three-quarters of us. He does not want small fragments or pieces of us. Jesus expects us to be all-in for Him just as He was all-in for us. That is His expectation of His followers and He is not looking for somebody who is a lukewarm or half-hearted or a so-called Believer. If you call yourself a Christian and you truly understand what He did for you and the results of His actions then there would be no other way you could live other than to be all-in for Christ! Amen.

Be blessed,


How Is Christianity Measured?

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #23

We learn in, Matthew 6:1-2, that our giving should be done in secret and a bad example of this would be someone waving their check in Church and drawing attention to their tithe, right? It is a righteous thing to give to the Lord by giving to the Church, but in this example he thinks he is doing a great thing and he thinks he should get a reward. However, the Bible says he has no reward because what he has done is wood, hay, and stubble. Jesus then goes on to say the same thing about prayer and fasting. Jesus tells us not to be seen by men when you fast and do not look glum in order to gain their praises. Because what is giving if it is only to be seen of men or praying and fasting if it is to be only seen of men? These works show a lack of faith because Jesus tells us that your Father Who sees in secret will reward you openly. Your faith says I do not need your glory because I want God to see what I am doing. I hope this is clear to you because those of us who go through our whole life doing righteous acts that are not done with the right heart or done in love are done in vain.

Let’s read what the Bible says about love in, 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, because here we learn that love adds value to our righteous acts and if we do not have agape love than our works will profit us nothing. Clearly, these works are wood, hay, and stubble, right? Please, don’t get me wrong because we are called to give and to pray and to fast and we are even called to martyr ourselves, but if you don’t walk in love than there is no eternal value. Stop and think about that for a moment because if you are all-in, but you are not walking in love, then what good are your actions because love determines the height of a person. For instance, we measure a child by marking the wall with a line and they get taller and taller and so does the mark on the wall. Our height or our stature in Christianity is not measured based on the fact that we can teach the Word or we can quote Scriptures or that we know the Greek or the Hebrew.

Remember, height in Christianity is measured by how much love we walk in because the Word of God tells us so. Our love for God is that we trust God and when we give our gift it is not to be seen of men because this is how the economy of heaven works. The economy of the world says I need your glory and I need to feed off your glory, but the economy of heaven says I just need God to see it because in His eyes it has the greatest value. Our judgment is not one of being judged for our actions, it is being judged for our righteous actions that we do with a right heart, and then, we receive our reward for eternity. We are to show the love, the faith, and the strength that we have so that as obedient servants of the Most High God we will live a life that is pleasing to Him. We walk in love, we walk in peace, and we walk in giving to others because we are meant to be givers! Amen.

Be blessed,


You Gave No Response

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #22

Earlier we studied in, John 5:19-30, that judgment was given to Jesus and that He went into the earth and He preached to both sides so that everyone could hear His voice. Now I want to read from Matthew 11:11-19 and the setting will be of Jesus talking about John the Baptist and He asked the crowd what they expected to see when they went out into the wilderness. Did they expect to see a well groomed man in a designer suit? But here we learn that John the Baptist had long stringy hair with an unruly beard and he followed a certain diet because he was a Nazarite, even still, we are told that he was God’s greatest man.

Jesus goes on to say that we preached a Word that should have caused you to dance and you did not react to it. We preached a Word that should have caused you to mourn and you did not react to it. In other words, the two greatest men that ever lived to that point, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, both brought messages that should have gotten a response out of you but because you were so spiritually dull you were not moved by the Word of God. You should have danced but you didn’t and you should have lamented but you didn’t. Then, Jesus goes on to say that you talk about John and you think how foolish he is but he is God’s greatest. You said he has the devil in him and that I, the greatest ever, am a friend of sinners. You said that I am winebibber who eats too much and you are judging both of us but we are God’s greatest. Now, I want you to see where Jesus is going with this analogy because He continues on with it in the next verses.

In Matthew 11:20-24, we learn there are levels of judgment and what is it that Jesus is telling us? He is telling us that you were presented with a strong message, and that the power of God was very evident amongst you, and you had this revelation that you could have seen but you didn’t see. Still, you were given much of the gospel through great preachers and teachers but never responded to it. Therefore, your judgment is going to be harsher than the judgment of others. Do you see the levels of judgment here? You are judged based on your works but it is not only the works of evil that you did – listen carefully here – it also includes the amount of revelation and wisdom that you should have obtained, but you rejected the teachings you heard.

The Bible tells us to go into all the world and preach the gospel, right? He that believes the Word and is baptized will be saved but he that believes not will be damned, right? Listen to me, our job is to preach the gospel first, and then, the Holy Spirit brings the gospel through us into others. If they do not believe us then there is a higher judgment for them because of their unbelief when they were presented with the gospel! Amen.

Be blessed,