Behold the Fig Tree

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #26

We will begin our lesson today in, Matthew 24:32:35, where Jesus tells us in this parable to behold the fig tree. And, if you go back to the Book of Joel or Jeremiah along with several other places in Scripture, you learn that the fig tree is representative of Israel and at one time Jesus cursed the fig tree. Now, when Jesus says behold the fig tree, we can read it to mean: behold the nation of Israel or behold Jerusalem. I will paraphrase this by saying, when Jerusalem is tender and young know that summer is nigh. This is when Jerusalem is beginning to bud or beginning to be fruitful, do you follow me?

Let’s back up to the last few verses in, Matthew 23, where Jesus said that Jerusalem would be desolate and lay waste for a period of time and this happened in 70 A.D. and we will read about that in a moment. For now, I want you to focus on the time period from 70 A.D. until May 14, 1948, because it was during this time that Israel was not a nation and it is a miracle in itself that the Jews stayed together as a people without a nation.

Think of it this way, if you dispersed all the Italians throughout the earth two thousand years ago, do you think there would still be a group that could come together today? No, I don’t think any group could come together after that duration of time unless it was tied together spiritually such as the Jews. Remember, Jesus said when you see the fig tree yet tender, and this was in 1948 when Israel was budding and became a nation; however, its borders were not complete until the six day war in 1967 when Israel took back the West Bank and Jerusalem.

So, the generation that saw Israel come back together in 1967, along with all the other signs that Jesus explained to us about knowing the season we are in, when we put that all together we know that we are in that season today. How do we know this? We know this because Jesus could not have come back prior to 1967 because there was no Jerusalem and there is no Temple in Jerusalem either. This means there was no place that the Book of Revelation or great tribulation or Daniel or anything else could have occurred, because the Temple was not there and Jerusalem was not there. However, things changed in 1967 which happened in most of our lifetimes, right? Jesus can now return because Jerusalem is now back in the custody of Israel and Israel is a nation. So, for almost the whole entire Church-age or at least the majority of it Jesus could not return, but now He can return because the stage has been set for Him! Amen.

Be blessed,