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The Struggle Is Real

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #22 Paul tells us in Romans 7:23 that the law of sin is in our flesh and body and it is warring against our mind. I want to point out the struggle that Paul is talking about because we are broken up into three parts. Our body is our five […]

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #21 Today you will learn there are different rewards in heaven and there will be different levels of judgment in hell but before we begin, let’s draw a timeline beginning with Revelation 19. In this chapter Jesus returns and He casts Antichrist along with the False Prophet into the […]

The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #21 I want to expand the predominate ministry of the Holy Spirit from last week’s blog because we can’t embrace the promises of God that were given to Jesus and passed onto us unless we know them fully in our hearts and activate our faith by walking in them. This […]

The Beneficiaries of Truth

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #20 In Matthew 12:40 we read, “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” And, when Jesus was on the cross He said to […]

Remorse Is Not Repentance

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #19 We need to be sober and serious about our salvation because it is not an easy thing to receive just by knowing in our mind that Jesus Christ is Lord. We have to know it in our heart and live it daily in our lives. We learned that someone […]

A Harsher Judgment

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #18 Many people who attend Church have a difficult time understanding the term, “once saved, always saved.” This is because they believe once you have salvation you cannot lose it, but they are in error and I will show you in Scripture where we find the truth. The Church is […]