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Our Foundation Is Christ

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog 30 This is the final blog in our series and in closing I want to answer a few questions that you may have and one question is how will Believers be judged? The answer is found in 1 Corinthians 3:12-16 where we are given six elements and they are: gold, […]

A Harsher Judgment

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #29 We studied the privilege that we live under in our time and along with that privilege there are expectations upon us as Christians. Today we are going to learn that judgment in our dispensation will be much harsher then it was for those before us. Even though we live […]

We Live In Great Privilege

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #28 Today, I want us to clearly understand the renewing of the mind and how God sees things. Let’s begin with how we view things because they are not the same as God’s point of view. For those who recognize and have received things from heaven God looks upon us […]

Raised In Glory

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #27 We have studied that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God neither can corruption. Therefore, this corruptible, mortal, dying, decaying, sin-filled body is going to be changed into what is called a “resurrection body”. We will receive the same immortal, spiritual, incorruptible body that Jesus received. This […]