“A lie doesn’t become the truth, a wrong doesn’t become right, evil doesn’t become good just because of the will of the majority.” – Sebastian Lucido

The focus of Watchers of Truth is to rightly divide the word of God and teach the truth as backed by scripture, not emotion. Our mission is to mature the body of Christ and prepare the church for what’s ahead as we approach the end of time.

Sebastian Lucido has crisscrossed the globe preaching the uncompromising message of the gospel for over two decades. In churches, schools, and on radio his ability to teach the Bible in a clear, understandable, and authentic way makes Biblical mysteries and principals relevant to congregations of all sizes.

His key areas of teaching in recent years have been:

  • End Times Eschatology – The return of Christ.
  • An Unchanging God – A message on a sovereign God regardless of man’s emotions, intention or culture.
  • An Unchanging Word – Man cannot make scripture mean something to fit his own desires.

Sebastian has 7 children and lives with his wife Kris near Rochester, Michigan.


For more than 20 years, Sebastian Lucido has worked to help people understand and appreciate the true, unvarnished Word of God. Through weekly Bible study sessions, speaking engagements, publications, courses and other media, he has sought to provide the most honest, accurate insight possible into Biblical truths, bringing people closer to a true understanding of God’s will and his intent for their lives.

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