About Sebastian

Sebastian Lucido has traveled the globe preaching the uncompromising message of the gospel for over three decades. In churches, schools, and on radio his ability to teach the Bible in a clear, understandable, and authentic way makes Biblical mysteries and principals relevant to congregations of all sizes. Sebastian has 7 children and lives with his wife Kris near Rochester, Michigan.

Meet The Teacher


Sebastian Lucido has worked to help people understand and appreciate the true, unvarnished Word of God. Through weekly Bible study sessions, speaking engagements, publications, courses and other media, he has sought to provide the most honest, accurate insight possible into Biblical truths, bringing people closer to a true understanding of God’s will and His intent for their lives.

Key Areas Of Teaching


End Times Eschatology

God gives us abundant revelation concerning the return of Jesus. Most of the information is given in dreams, symbols, analogies or prophecies that are spread throughout the Bible. Sebastian brings clarity, understanding and insight to the scriptures.


Bible Study Teachings Based on the Unchanging Word

The Word of God is how we know Him, what He expects of us and what we can expect of Him. Jesus called it truth in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Our ministry does not believe the Word of God is optional or left up to us to edit or change. The God who created the universe can write a book that spans His creation. Sebastian’s weekly teachings strictly adhering to and rightly dividing the Word of truth aimed at bringing forth the true meaning without compromise.


Headlines and Prophecy

The scripture gives us signs, trends and events that point to the return of Jesus. Our culture is filled with news, events, conspiracy theories and dramatic information that is not prophecy or the fulfillment of prophecy. This causes fear, rumors and ultimately hurts people. Sebastian helps believers to filter through the noise by providing true information as it pertains to Biblical prophecy.



Our curriculums are a series of video modules and workbooks that cover a biblical subject. They range from 3-12 modules and also include daily devotions that tie into the subject matter. Lots of preparation goes into development and production to bring a comprehensive and entertaining curriculum.