The First Domino Falls in Our Lifetime

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #31

When you look at the Muslims you are looking at a religion where almost everyone within their religion would vote against their extremes. Christians are going to be tossed into the category of extremes and I believe that human secularism will take over and society will get rid of the extremes. I believe this way of thinking will intensify after this war because the world is going to come together and they are going to put a global contract in place that will set the stage for Antichrist. Again, this is what I believe, that this war happens first and once it does happen we will see things start to escalate very quickly. When will this war happen? It will be soon. I believe it will certainly happen in my lifetime because it is already taking shape, but it could take years before the war begins or it could take as little as two years. Also, I do not believe there is a long dispensation of time between the end of this war and before we go into the tribulation period because the stage will be set worldwide and Israel can go back to the sacrificial system.

This war is going to be the next major prophetic happening in the earth. Now, others believe differently, they feel this war happens during tribulation but remember that the first three and a half years of the tribulation are peaceful. But how will the seven years of spoil fit into seven years of tribulation because who will need to spoil once Jesus comes back? It simply doesn’t add up. I think it will take place a handful of years before we see Antichrist come onto the scene. In fact, he will probably be the one who actually brings world peace and the contract together.

We know that Antichrist will be one who signs the contract because he will be in leadership. In fact, Antichrist could be in office for ten years before things begin and we may even see him on the news but not know who he is, however, when we get to the seven years he will be there to sign the contract. This means he will already be in place because only leaders will sign this contract. I firmly believe that this is going to happen in our lifetime. I do believe this war is the first domino that falls and it brings about the seven year events.

Think about the excitement! Yes, it is a war but think about this day whether it is a year or ten years from now, you will remember back when you heard and studied this teaching because the Word of God tells us that others will see that this was taught before. With all that being said, I want you to stay encouraged because this is not a time to fear. Think of the excitement that comes from the fact that our God chose to tell us about this war and that we are going to be fighting with Israel! So be encouraged, be watchful, be alert, be prepared, and be ready, instead of being fearful in this time period because I want us to be able to work with God by faith. This means that we need to align our hearts with Him in order to work with Him and we are not to be overtaken by what is going on and the circumstances that are surrounding us! Amen.

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The Platform is Being Set

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #30

In Revelation 12:13, the dragon who is Satan persecutes the woman which brought forth the man child and who is the woman? Israel is referred to as the woman. And, do you see that there is nourishment in the mountains of Israel? Let’s look at the timeline because this war is yet to come, but for now we are going to look at what happens when this war is over. One section of Scripture says that Magog will be hit as well, so we are going to assume that all of Israel’s enemies on her border and those who are zealous to remove her from the land will also be dealt with. And since this was a world war, once it over we will probably experience financial collapse with commodity prices going through the roof and the world will be in disarray. However, at the end of this war Israel is in a much different position than it was before the war. Israel will be in a very good position after this war while the rest of the world will probably be in financial ruin while they try to rebuild.

This is me now, but I believe this war sets the stage for financial, political, and spiritual Antichrist. Remember what the covenant does and what we learned in Daniel 70 Weeks? We learned that the Antichrist signs a covenant with many that allows Israel to go back to the sacrificial system, but in the middle of this time period Antichrist breaks the covenant. Now, could Israel build a Temple today and go back to the sacrificial system on the site where the Dome of the Rock is currently? Yes, they could but not without starting a third world war, however, after the war in, Ezekiel 38, it will be possible for them to rebuild their Temple.

Once the Ezekiel 38 War takes place Israel will rebuild their Temple and they will go back to the sacrificial system, and it is going to set up what I believe will be a worldwide agreement. This worldwide agreement is going to set the financial structure of the world. Our world economic history shows us that every time we have a collapse or a meltdown after a world war the laws and rules are changed, and then, things get more complicated.

You see, Antichrist is revealed at the three and a half year mark but the structure of the kingdom that he will rule is set up in advance before he gets into place. Antichrist does not automatically show up and then in seven years the structure is built and gone. No. Right now the platform for Antichrist is being set up and I believe that when you study this war in, Ezekiel 38, the entire world will come together. They will start by setting global, worldwide boundaries that will eliminate those that are not tolerant one to another! Amen.

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Our Foundation Is Christ

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog 30

This is the final blog in our series and in closing I want to answer a few questions that you may have and one question is how will Believers be judged? The answer is found in 1 Corinthians 3:12-16 where we are given six elements and they are: gold, silver, precious stone, wood, hay and stubble. In these verses Paul tells us the foundation of our life is our belief in Jesus Christ. We then build our house upon this foundation of belief from wood, hay and stubble, along with gold, silver and precious stones. The Bible tells us that on the day the Lord returns a pile of these elements will be laid before us.

The wood, hay and stubble stands for good deeds we performed but they were done with the wrong heart. This means they were done with the wrong intentions because it was for the admiration of man. The gold, silver and precious stones represent the good deeds we did for the glory of God and not for recognition from man. Fire comes down on our pile and burns the wood, hay and stubble leaving only the gold, silver and precious stone. In other words, the good deeds we did for the recognition of man will be reduced to ashes and all that is left will be the good deeds we performed for the glory of God. I want to make it clear that we are not judged based on our sins, instead, we are judged based on our righteous works and these are the things of value we carry with us into eternity.

Part of growing in the things of God is being charitable, praying and fasting because we are commanded to do these righteous acts, but we can do them with the wrong intentions. This means we sometimes do them to seek the approval of man or to be seen and rewarded by others. These deeds are not done in faith. Only when we do things in secret for the glory of God do we receive His blessings and gain eternal rewards and that’s the status of who we will be forever. I like to put it this way, in heaven there will be cheap seats like bleacher seats and there will be good seats like box office seats and what we do here on earth determines our seating position in heaven. Salvation not only bought us life with God and gave us righteousness with Him it also gave us the ability to obtain a seat in heaven that is closer to God. It is what we do here on earth for His glory that actually gives us a blessing in heaven. Even though we don’t hear or see it on earth our deeds of righteousness are being accounted to us for the day He returns. We can spend our life striving for a good profession but I am telling you from this day forward we have the rest of our lives to build wealth and status in heaven. The Bible tells us to strive for greatness and mastery in our walk with Christ so we must formulate that into our lives here on earth.

My prayer is that you gleaned enough from this teaching to know that salvation is not a single event. It is a lifelong journey that Christians are called to. It is a very sobering thought even though it is a joyous thing because we have been saved from damnation. Our heavenly rewards are given to us because God chose to make a fix for mankind so we can live with Him forever. That is why we have salvation because God loved us and gave His Son for us! Amen.

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The Motivation Is Wealth

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #29

We read in, Ezekiel 38:7-17, about Israel becoming a nation and we see a hoard of people coming into Israel. The hoard is this coalition that is moving toward the land of Israel and its leader is Gog and Magog, which is the nation of Russia. Of course, current events today show us that Russia has now moved into the borders and we see this coalition already being put together. The motivation behind it is wealth and the Bible says that an evil thing has come into their mind where they said, let’s go after Israel because look at the wealth they have. Let me point out that one of the largest natural gas finds in the history of mankind was just recently discovered in Israel and this has only happened in the last few years. And, Israel is geographically located in a very strategic point because when you look at all of the nations in the Mediterranean plus Northern Africa, Asia, and India, you understand that Israel is the focal point of those worlds coming together.

In Verses 15 and 16, we learn that it is almost like diplomacy because they are asking this group what are they doing, are you coming to take a spoil? Sheba and Dedan is the Saudi Peninsula and Tarshish is a port in Spain that was used almost exclusively in the ancient world by England. This is how England would gain access to the European Continent through Spain and the young lions are Tarshish, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America. Again, Sheba and Dedan are the Saudi Peninsula and the merchants of Tarshish are the other countries, when you look at it you could called these other countries the Anglo Nations. Tarshish and the Anglo Nations get together and they say to this coalition of nations, Russia, Iran, Saudi, Northern Africa, Turkey, the old Soviet States, they ask what have you done? It is almost like the first wave is one of diplomacy and then it mounts. This is God saying that He is bringing the coalition forth and pulling them down and I am making it so that the coalition cannot do it any other way. I am bringing them against My land and in the latter days everyone will know and see what I am doing.

Lastly we read in, Verse 17, that we are going to be preaching this message like we are today. You can get a recording of my taped message from twenty years ago and you will find that this exact message was given at that time. However, today Russia moved into Syria! This is what God is saying here and we will be able to tell others that the Prophet said this was going to happen and we will be able to use these chapters in Ezekiel as a prophetic event. This is how important it is for us to know the Word of God! Amen.

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