The Capacity to Know God

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #24

Several times in Scripture the return of the Lord is referred to as a thief coming in the night and here in, Matthew 24:42-47, I want you to focus on the image of your neighborhood being robbed. So let’s say it was Bill’s house that was broken into first, then it was Don’s house and next it was Betty’s house. In all cases, someone broke into the garage and then got into their house when they were not home. Well, with this information you would know that there is a thief in the neighborhood, right? Suddenly, you would be very sensitive to what is going on and you would be alert to strangers. And, before going to bed you would take every precaution to make sure your dwelling was secure against the thief and avoid being robbed.

Well, this is what the Holy Spirit is trying to convey to us. We need to be very sensitive, very alert, very prepared, and very ready all the time because His return can happen at any time. Jesus said that if we knew the hour then we would be ready, but He said that this servant was ready and watching. In Verse 44, the Bible tells us that therefore you also must be ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man cometh. Now, one of the things He is telling us to do is to be ready and He told us to watch in Verse 43, and then, we are told to be ready in the next verse because we do not know the hour. The actions words in these verses are: watch, be ready, be faithful, be wise, and be doing! I want you to sense the feeling of always being active and ready. Then in the next few verses, I want you to realize that Jesus is not speaking about an unbeliever because this is somebody that knows Him as Lord. Jesus is not talking about somebody that does not have the capacity to know and understand what is expected of them because in, Verse 48, the evil servant calls Jesus, “my Lord.”

The word I want you to learn in today’s teaching is conditional because in these parables I want you to see who is doing the Word of God, and who is obeying the Word of God, and who is living the Word of God. We read in, Verse 48, this servant said, “my Lord, is not here,” so he felt he could live the way he wanted to live and not obey the Word of God. Listen to the response from Jesus, you were caught unaware and you were not doing what I told you to do, but you had the capacity to know and you should have known. Even still, you made the decision not to follow my Word which means that if you love Me, what would you do? You would obey Me.

What I want you to learn today can be melted down easily because essentially Jesus wants us all-in. He does not want half or three-quarters of us. He does not want small fragments or pieces of us. Jesus expects us to be all-in for Him just as He was all-in for us. That is His expectation of His followers and He is not looking for somebody who is a lukewarm or half-hearted or a so-called Believer. If you call yourself a Christian and you truly understand what He did for you and the results of His actions then there would be no other way you could live other than to be all-in for Christ! Amen.

Be blessed,


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your families.

We pray Gods revelation and love would fill your life. That Gods wisdom would direct your path and His favor would go before you. We thank you for allowing us to impart knowledge in your life and appreciate your support. God Bless you and have a prosperous New Year!


How Is Christianity Measured?

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #23

We learn in, Matthew 6:1-2, that our giving should be done in secret and a bad example of this would be someone waving their check in Church and drawing attention to their tithe, right? It is a righteous thing to give to the Lord by giving to the Church, but in this example he thinks he is doing a great thing and he thinks he should get a reward. However, the Bible says he has no reward because what he has done is wood, hay, and stubble. Jesus then goes on to say the same thing about prayer and fasting. Jesus tells us not to be seen by men when you fast and do not look glum in order to gain their praises. Because what is giving if it is only to be seen of men or praying and fasting if it is to be only seen of men? These works show a lack of faith because Jesus tells us that your Father Who sees in secret will reward you openly. Your faith says I do not need your glory because I want God to see what I am doing. I hope this is clear to you because those of us who go through our whole life doing righteous acts that are not done with the right heart or done in love are done in vain.

Let’s read what the Bible says about love in, 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, because here we learn that love adds value to our righteous acts and if we do not have agape love than our works will profit us nothing. Clearly, these works are wood, hay, and stubble, right? Please, don’t get me wrong because we are called to give and to pray and to fast and we are even called to martyr ourselves, but if you don’t walk in love than there is no eternal value. Stop and think about that for a moment because if you are all-in, but you are not walking in love, then what good are your actions because love determines the height of a person. For instance, we measure a child by marking the wall with a line and they get taller and taller and so does the mark on the wall. Our height or our stature in Christianity is not measured based on the fact that we can teach the Word or we can quote Scriptures or that we know the Greek or the Hebrew.

Remember, height in Christianity is measured by how much love we walk in because the Word of God tells us so. Our love for God is that we trust God and when we give our gift it is not to be seen of men because this is how the economy of heaven works. The economy of the world says I need your glory and I need to feed off your glory, but the economy of heaven says I just need God to see it because in His eyes it has the greatest value. Our judgment is not one of being judged for our actions, it is being judged for our righteous actions that we do with a right heart, and then, we receive our reward for eternity. We are to show the love, the faith, and the strength that we have so that as obedient servants of the Most High God we will live a life that is pleasing to Him. We walk in love, we walk in peace, and we walk in giving to others because we are meant to be givers! Amen.

Be blessed,


The Law of Sin

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #23

Today I want to start with Romans 8:1 because sometimes when we hear the pastor speak on this passage it is only the first part of the verse. The whole verse reads, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit” (emphasis added). We have to read the whole verse and this sort of reminds me of the cartoons with the good guy on one shoulder and the bad guy on the other. One is whispering for you to go one way while the other guy is telling you to go in a different direction and this always leaves us with a decision to make. Remember in the previous chapter Paul told us about the struggle taking place within him? How the spirit man delights in the laws of God, but the law of sin is in our flesh? Then here we learn the law of the Spirit of life in Jesus Christ makes us free from the law of sin and death. It is our relationship with Jesus and revelation knowledge and our active faith moving in the direction of that revelation that frees us from the sin of our flesh.

Like Peter, when we receive revelation knowledge we must humble ourselves and admit we are sinful. Next, we exalt Jesus as the center of the Universe by forsaking all and following Him. For a Christian, this process happens every time we receive revelation because we realize the bigger picture is all about Jesus Christ. We have to understand that our plans and purposes are not near as important as Jesus’ plans and every time we go through this process we forsake a little more of ourselves for Him. This frees us from the law of sin and the best example I have is an airplane and the law of gravity. A commercial airplane weighs at least five hundred thousand pounds and gravity would surely bring the plant to the ground if it weren’t for the law of thrust and lift. When the plan speeds down the runway it gains enough thrust and lift to overcome the law of gravity and it takes off. With that in mind, it is much like the Spirit of life we have in Jesus Christ because His Spirit allows us to overcome the law of sin as long as we are being filled with revelation and faith and action.

As we grow daily in Christ the law of sin in our flesh should be suppressed and pushed down, but what happens if we are in a plane and the pilot shuts the engine off? Right away the law of gravity takes over and the plane falls. The same thing happens to us when we put our Bible away and we stop going to Church and serving Christ, well soon enough the law of sin will take over and we will fall. Maybe we won’t fall back to where we started, but we are going to go backwards in our relationship with Jesus because the flesh in us will get stronger. We are called to a lifelong journey of continuous sanctification and cleansing of our minds and this is called the renewing of our minds. The Bible tells us there are two minds, one is carnal and the other is spiritual. The carnal mind is not subject to the laws and things of God, but the spiritual mind is. Our mind will either listen to the world, Satan and our own lustful desires or it will listen to the Word of God and the plan and purpose of God. Amen.

Be Blessed,



You Gave No Response

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #22

Earlier we studied in, John 5:19-30, that judgment was given to Jesus and that He went into the earth and He preached to both sides so that everyone could hear His voice. Now I want to read from Matthew 11:11-19 and the setting will be of Jesus talking about John the Baptist and He asked the crowd what they expected to see when they went out into the wilderness. Did they expect to see a well groomed man in a designer suit? But here we learn that John the Baptist had long stringy hair with an unruly beard and he followed a certain diet because he was a Nazarite, even still, we are told that he was God’s greatest man.

Jesus goes on to say that we preached a Word that should have caused you to dance and you did not react to it. We preached a Word that should have caused you to mourn and you did not react to it. In other words, the two greatest men that ever lived to that point, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, both brought messages that should have gotten a response out of you but because you were so spiritually dull you were not moved by the Word of God. You should have danced but you didn’t and you should have lamented but you didn’t. Then, Jesus goes on to say that you talk about John and you think how foolish he is but he is God’s greatest. You said he has the devil in him and that I, the greatest ever, am a friend of sinners. You said that I am winebibber who eats too much and you are judging both of us but we are God’s greatest. Now, I want you to see where Jesus is going with this analogy because He continues on with it in the next verses.

In Matthew 11:20-24, we learn there are levels of judgment and what is it that Jesus is telling us? He is telling us that you were presented with a strong message, and that the power of God was very evident amongst you, and you had this revelation that you could have seen but you didn’t see. Still, you were given much of the gospel through great preachers and teachers but never responded to it. Therefore, your judgment is going to be harsher than the judgment of others. Do you see the levels of judgment here? You are judged based on your works but it is not only the works of evil that you did – listen carefully here – it also includes the amount of revelation and wisdom that you should have obtained, but you rejected the teachings you heard.

The Bible tells us to go into all the world and preach the gospel, right? He that believes the Word and is baptized will be saved but he that believes not will be damned, right? Listen to me, our job is to preach the gospel first, and then, the Holy Spirit brings the gospel through us into others. If they do not believe us then there is a higher judgment for them because of their unbelief when they were presented with the gospel! Amen.

Be blessed,


The Struggle Is Real

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #22

Paul tells us in Romans 7:23 that the law of sin is in our flesh and body and it is warring against our mind. I want to point out the struggle that Paul is talking about because we are broken up into three parts. Our body is our five senses and the Bible calls it the flesh or the outer man or the natural man. Our mind is our reasoning power driven by our will, intellect, emotions and memory. Then there is our spirit. Paul is saying sin still resides in our flesh and left unchecked our body will always want to gratify itself. This leaves our mind in the middle of this struggle. Our body tells us to do this or that which is wrong and when our mind agrees, it is sin.

Now, on the other side we have our spirit telling us not go forward and this is the law of God or the Word of God. As Christians, this is the daily struggle we have because we know the Word of God tells us one thing and Satan or our flesh tells us another thing. There is a tug-of-war going on between the two voices for control of the mind and we must learn how to overcome this struggle. Let’s look at the Garden of Gethsemane because this is where Jesus struggled.

In His soulish realm Jesus was in agony because he knew He was about to be crucified. Jesus wrote the Psalm that tells us He roared in pain on the cross and His bones were out of joint. He wrote about His shame and the crown of thorns and the false accusation made of Him. The Son of God knew all this because He wrote about it, then confronted with it He said, “…Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done” (Luke 22:42). In His body, Jesus was sweating great drops of blood because His mind was in agony, but His Spirit fought against His mind and Jesus obeyed the Father.

On a much smaller scale we have the same daily struggles because we are confronted with opportunities to sin all the time. We are confronted in our body, the world system, Satan, and even our friends and families sometimes tell us to do things that are not God’s will leaving us with decision to make in our mind. While our spirit is saved and alive to God, our mind can still take us with one single word from complete happiness and obedience to God, into great depression and disobedience. This is because our minds are all over the place and the struggle now is for the salvation of the mind and the soul.

Be Blessed,


The Rich Man and Lazarus

Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #21

Today you will learn there are different rewards in heaven and there will be different levels of judgment in hell but before we begin, let’s draw a timeline beginning with Revelation 19. In this chapter Jesus returns and He casts Antichrist along with the False Prophet into the lake of fire, and then, the millennial reign of Christ beings in Revelation 20. Now, as we work back in time we see that Antichrist and the False Prophet are judged and there is a use of terminology in, Revelation 20:14, that says death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is very important for us to understand because there is a place called hell with two compartments: one is paradise and the other is called the place of torment.

In Luke 16:19-26, we meet a rich man whose name is unknown and a homeless beggar named Lazarus. Using the culture of today I want you to see that when these men died they had funerals. The rich man probably had a lot of people at his funeral and maybe even some dignitaries spoke at his service. But the poor man, Lazarus, was probably laid out in a pine box with a hand full of homeless people at his graveside. Although these men physically died the Bible tells us that they did not cease to exist but they went into the earth to a place called hell. On one side of hell is a place of comfort called, Abraham’s bosom and this is where Lazarus went. The second compartment is a place of torment and this where the rich man went and the interesting thing is that the rich man and Lazarus can see each other.

The rich man asks to have Lazarus dip the tips of his fingers in water to quench his thirst, but Abraham tells him no because you cannot pass over to us and we cannot pass over to you. This means that during his lifetime the rich man sealed his own fate and that certain rich man is still there today in the place of torment. Verse 27 tells us the rich man recognized Lazarus and he knew the history he had on earth with the beggar. He also had enough capacity to say to Abraham, I don’t want my five brothers to come to this place and this teaches us that the rich man maintained his reasoning facilities. Listen to me Saints, this rich man is still in this place of torment today and he is waiting for his ultimate fate which is going to be worse than where he is now, because his ultimate fate is going into the lake of fire.

I have often said that if I could choose between experiencing five minutes in heaven or five minutes in hell, I would rather experience five minutes in hell. The reason is because it would set the stage for the ultimate anxiety to go forward and preach the gospel to those that we love, right? Sadly, this is how it seems to go at times, we tell them about God and then we don’t tell them about God, we preach the Word to them and then we don’t. But, if we really understood what follows those who don’t surrender to Christ, we would tell them without ceasing! Just look at this man who was very wealthy and lived a very comfortable life here on the earth, but his ultimate fate is that he is still in that place of torment today! Amen.

Be blessed,



The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

Are You Sure? Teaching Blog #21

I want to expand the predominate ministry of the Holy Spirit from last week’s blog because we can’t embrace the promises of God that were given to Jesus and passed onto us unless we know them fully in our hearts and activate our faith by walking in them. This is how important it is to have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and His continual tutoring in our lives. We must allow Him to teach us because in the Bible the Holy Spirit shows us the things of Jesus Christ.

In other words, it is a shame when we don’t walk in the promises that Jesus paid for with His precious blood. It would be like have the ability to enjoy something that you own, but you forgot or never knew it was yours and consequently you never use it. Revelation of the Word is the key purpose of the Holy Spirit and it is our job to cooperate in this relationship with Him. We place ourselves in the position to receive revelation when we open our Bible or go to a teaching on the Scripture or by attending Church. This is how we open ourselves up and allow the Spirit of God to declare, reveal and show us things to come.

In 1 Corinthians 2:9-13 we learn it is not natural for man to know the things of God, but God reveals things to man through His Spirit. This tells us that it is not natural for man to know the things of God, but God reveals things through His Spirit. It is our spirit through His Spirit that He reveals the things that He has for us. The natural man cannot know the things of God because they are foolishness to him because they are spiritually discerned. The new birth gave us righteousness and a born-again spirit. This is so the Holy Spirit can live in us and we can embrace and know all the things that are given to us. Salvation brings us to a place where the penalty of sin that resided in us at birth was paid for by the blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit reveals the Son of God to us so we are able to engage our faith in Him and embrace Him as our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Be Blessed,



The Last Trumpet

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Don't Get This Wrong! Teaching Blog #20

There are a lot of working pieces to the puzzle in, Matthew 24:26-31, where Jesus describes His return. He tells us that it will be dark and He will come as lightening from the east to the west. It is very clear that we will see Him in the clouds and it will be a cloud of great glory. There will be angels and a trumpet and a gathering of the Saints and these are all the working pieces. Let me tell you, the rapture is post-tribulation anyway you look at it because these pieces to the puzzle can only be put together one way. Believe me, the rapture is at the end when Jesus comes back, He brings the Saints that are in heaven with Him, and we which are alive and remain are caught up together with Him, and then, we will ever be with the Lord!

We read about the rapture of the Church in, 1 Corinthians 15:50-54, and we see something that is even more interesting because the last trumpet is called out, meaning, there are no more trumpets afterwards. It means exactly what it says because the last trumpet is indeed the last trumpet. This is when the dead will rise and we which are alive and remain are caught up together with them. Do you see how all the puzzle pieces fit together? It is Jesus and His return that correlates exactly with the rapture of the Church and these events are simultaneous.

We also read in, Isaiah 53, that when Jesus comes to the earth for us our sins and our iniquities and our transgressions where all put upon Him, right? The Bible says that God, the Father, will see the travail of His soul which is different than His Spirit and He would be satisfied. You see, Jesus paid for all three parts of humanity that fell – He paid for our body, for our soul and He paid for our spirit. When Jesus died He went into the earth just as anyone who was spiritually dead would have gone. And when He rose again, God gave His Son a new resurrection body, so Jesus paid for us spirit, soul, and body. In other words, Jesus gave us His all.

As Believers, our spirits are changed at the new birth when we receive the newly recreated spirit, but as we go through life we begin to renew our mind and we experience salvation in our soul. And even though one day our body will physically die our spirit and soul goes to heaven. Along with our spirit and soul, our mind, our will, and our intellect, also goes to heaven. What is absent and what still remains of our salvation is our new body which is the final component of salvation. Then, at the resurrection of the dead and the return of Jesus Christ along with the rapture of the Church is when our salvation will be complete. Right now those Saints who have gone before us don’t have a resurrection body because Jesus is the only One with a resurrection body. When He comes back we will receive our resurrection body and we will experience complete salvation.

Be blessed,