28 Signs that the Lord’s Return is Near


I am going to teach a weekly blog over the next few months on the twenty-eight signs and trends that the return of the Lord is near. Each week we will cover one or more until we finish. You can subscribe to these blogs and find prior blogs on our website at www.watchersoftruth.com.
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Steadfast and Unmovable

The Bible tells us that we have victory in every area of life because we know Christ Jesus and this victory should make us steadfast and unmovable. Although circumstances get shaky we are to be shock absorbers and not move because if we are moved, than as Believers, we are giving an unsettled and unstable image of Christ. We have to remain steadfast because the Bible tells us in, Matthew 24:9, there will be betrayal among the ranks of Believers that will cause hatred and deception within the Church. This is when the self-identified Christians love for the Word of God will wax cold because the mounting pressure against the Church will be so great that they will not be steadfast. During this time, Christians will be separated and the cause will be doctrine, because one group will believe one thing and the other group will believe something much different. Read more

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