Let God Perform His Will in Your Life

Paul writes in, Philippians 1:3-6, that what God began in us He will complete and we can be confident that whatever God starts, He will finish until the day of Jesus Christ. Romans 12:1-2, shows a progression of what is good, to what is pleasing, to what is the perfect will of God. Some Believers do not progress and they only reach the acceptable will of God because they wash out in their journey. We all have a calling in our lives that is exceedingly above what we think or imagine or dream. If we let Him, God rewires the way we think to get us to the place of His perfect will because on our own we would never get there. In fact, if I were to have written a job description twenty-five years ago, based on what I thought I would be doing, none of it would have come to pass, believe me! Read more

Judgment, Un-forgiveness, and Gossip

Some of the sins that hold us back in our relationship with God are judgment, un-forgiveness, and gossip. Proverbs 23:7, tells us the way a man thinks in his heart, so he is. The heart reveals the character of a Believer and this is where God looks. When we look deep into our hearts we will find things that are not right in our lives, and this condition of the heart is wrong, and the only correction is to bring the Word of God into our lives. Read more

Grow, Expand, and Develop Our Faith

In, Romans 4:16-22, we are told that Abraham is known as the Father of Faith, and faith is the cornerstone of our belief, it is also the essential glue that holds us together with God. In, Genesis 17:15-21, God spoke directly into Abraham’s life and told him he was going to be a father. At that time, Abraham was old and his wife, Sarah, was beyond childbearing years but Abraham was strong in faith and he did not stagger, he held God’s Word in esteem above all things. Abraham was fully persuaded that what God had spoken went beyond what the doctors said or what the news reports said or what his business partners said. Abraham was a hero of faith and today we will learn how to grow, expand, and develop our faith. Read more

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Understanding God’s Forgiveness

We read in, John chapters 13 - 17, that Jesus is preparing His disciples for the new birth, the receiving of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the coming of the Holy Spirit, and then, we read about the washing of the disciple’s feet. So, let’s go back to this dispensation of time where there was no sanitary system and people walked in animal dung and waste. Their feet got very dirty and when they entered a home it was usually the youngest in the family or the lowest servant who washed their feet. With this in mind, can you picture the disciples watching their Lord and Savior remove His outer garment, tie an apron about His waist, pour water into a basin, and then, begin to wash their feet? Well, it was during this event that Jesus told Peter in, John 13:10, if He does not wash his feet than Peter will have no part in Him, but understand this, Jesus is not talking about clean feet. Jesus is giving a Spiritual analogy by saying someone can be bathed and washed clean but as they walk through life they are going to pick up dust on their feet. Now, stop and think about this because who lives in the dust of the earth? Yes, Satan lives in the dust and dust represents sin and this is why Jesus needs to wash us and forgive us, time, and time, again. Read more

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