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Love Me or You’re Fired!

The verses in, John 21:15-19, take place during the forty days that Jesus spent on the earth after His resurrection and Jesus asked Peter if he loves Him. Now, in the English language we lose a bit of understanding here because Jesus is saying to Peter do you agape love me, and this is different from the word that Peter used when he answered Jesus. Agape love is what we call unconditional love because it is a love that acts the same no matter what the conditions. Agape love is the word Jesus used but Peter used the word phileo love which is a conditional brotherly love. Although Peter denied Jesus three times before His crucifixion Jesus wants to start fresh and restore Peter. So, He asked if Peter loved Him unconditionally, but when Peter used phileo love, what he really said was, you know I love you but it is with conditions, right. Read more

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The Need for Salvation

I opened in, Romans 1:15-18, with Paul saying that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes. To understand salvation we must know what we are saved from. So, we first need a fundamental understanding of two key words: righteousness and unrighteousness. The righteousness of God means that we are in right standing with God and it is salvation that brings us in right standing with Him. In other words, in the eyes of God we now belong to Him, but when we see the word unrighteous it means that somebody is separated from God and they are in Spiritual death. Paul is saying that he is not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power to give you salvation and to save you from where you are headed. I want you to see here that Paul is talking about the wrath of God and that the anger of God is on unrighteous men. But, the power of God is revealed in salvation and this is when we become righteous. Read more

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The Goodness of God

Paul writes to a Gentile church in, Romans 11:19-25, about the natural branch which is Israel, and he tells us that the Jews were rejected under the ministry of Jesus. They were rejected because Jesus reached out to them, He prayed for them, He walked amongst them, yet they rejected Him. Jesus then turned from the Jews to the Church and He started preaching to the Gentiles. Now Paul is saying, listen, the natural branch was rejected because of unbelief and now the Gentiles, the Believers, are grafted into the natural tree. In other words, we came after the death, burial, and resurrection, it was a mystery but we became part of the natural tree. Then, Paul warns the Gentiles not to be high-minded, conceited or to think for one second that if you walk in unbelief you will not be cut off from the natural tree. Likewise, do not think that if they come to believe that they will not be grafted in. Amen. Read more

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