Judas the Betrayer

The twelve apostles were the pillars of the Church and we name our children after these men because there is great honor in their names except for one and that one is Judas. We recoil when we hear his name and we would never name a child after him. In this message we are going to study Judas because a lot of times we have a distorted view of him, so, let’s begin with what we do know. First of all, we know that Jesus was his Pastor and he went to Church with Him every day, Judas worked in the Church and he was labeled a leader, and he was there when Jesus sent the twelve apostles on missions. You could walk into any meeting with Jesus and Judas was there because he was a part of the leadership and the Bible tells us that he held the bag as treasurer of the Church. Judas was chosen and he was part of the ministry for the whole duration, yet, you think you would know somebody after walking with them for three years, right? Read more

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The Glorious Church

In this message we are going to see that we are glorified in Christ, so, before we begin let's understand and define glory. When we honor someone we separate them and make them shine, we elevate them and focus on them, and this is how we show them glory. So, when we glorify the Lord we put Him in the highest position by lifting Him above all others. Our focus is on Him because He is worthy of our praise and the Bible tells us that we give Him glory by praising Him with our lives. The prayer for the Church in, 2 Thessalonians 1:11, is that God would count us worthy of this calling to lift the name of Jesus so the Lord might be glorified in us. Read more

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You Shall Not Surely Die

In, Genesis 2:15-23, we learn that God created a pristine and beautiful environment known as the Garden of Eden and Adam was given dominion over this garden. God instructed Adam not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When God handed down His instructions they were communicated only to Adam because Eve was not yet created. Now in paraphrasing Genesis 3, we read that Satan approaches Adam and Eve and asks a valid question. He wants to know if they can eat of every tree in the garden but the answer given to Satan was not explicitly what God clearly told Adam. The answer given to Satan was they could eat of the fruit of the trees, but the tree in the midst of the garden; they could not eat or touch it because they would surely die. Here, the word touch was added to God’s Word because the only instruction given to Adam was not to eat the fruit. God never said they could not touch the fruit. The conversation continued as the first couple moved toward spiritual death. Read more

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Worry is Forbidden

The Word of God tells us, “Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God.” (Philippians 4:6, AMP), that worry is forbidden, accordingly, our study today is about our natural tendency for worry, concerns, fear and fretting. Throughout the course of our daily lives we will find there are multiple opportunities to allow worry, concern and anxiety to overtake us. However, the Bible is very clear on this subject and what course of action we are to take in order to avoid worry. On a daily basis, we will encounter difficult circumstances and trails, maybe it is a serious illness or financial issues, or perhaps we are struggling to mend a broken relationship. Whatever it is, we face disappointments on all levels, yet, we know that God loves us and desires for us to live in peace no matter what situation comes our way. So, why do we find it so difficult not to worry when His Word tells us that worry is forbidden? Read more

What’s Missing?

In the course of my study preparation today I prayed that God would reveal to me the things that I am missing. I asked God what is it that I need to address first in order to move on so that people will gain comfort from this series on the Antichrist. I believe one of the things the Lord spoke to me about was concerning the Church’s incomplete message of salvation. Read more

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