God’s Client Nation

Over the years, people have asked whether or not I believe in the rapture, and of course I do believe in the rapture; however, I do not believe it happens early in the process of things. I believe the rapture happens later on in the sequence of the tribulation events. The Bible tells us in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-11, that Jesus cannot come back until two very important things take place first. These events are, first, the falling away of the Church which is apostasy, and second, the revealing of the son of perdition who is Antichrist. Read more

Doctrine – Right Versus Wrong

There is a great movement in the Church today known as: super abundant grace, where some believe they cannot lose their salvation. This teaching leads people to believe they can live their life any way they choose, good or bad, because they believe their salvation hinges upon God’s love and there are no consequences for their sin. But, we learn in, Genesis 1:4, that immediately following the fall of mankind there were consequences for sin. I will use myself as an example here, and despite my evil resume of a chief sinner, God began to work on my heart and I ran from the desires of this world and turned to God. However, I do not believe that myself, or anyone else, can live the way we want and never experience the judgment of God. Yes, we have the gift of salvation and our sins are forgiven, but we cannot continue to sin and go through life believing we have an irrevocable membership card into heaven. Read more

Good Fear, Bad Fear, and No Fear

The Bible uses the word fear numerous times in reference to God, yet, when we think of fear what normally comes to mind is the idea of being afraid. Today, I want to explain three human tendencies associated with fear toward God and they are; 1) A fearful reverence and respect for God; 2) A frightened or scared fear of God; and 3) The complete lack of fear toward God. Read more

Divorce Unvarnished

Podcast: 060915

Given By: Sebastian Lucido

The Word of God must be taught correctly and there are times when we come upon topics that are emotional but we cannot ignore or soften any teaching from the Bible. So, this message is unvarnished and the topic is divorce. To begin with there are a few exceptions for divorce, such as; adultery or fornication; unevenly yoked in faith; and physical or mental abuse. Read more